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Piggy went to market

I can't believe the time has come so quickly. Not ever having raised a piggie before we asked our friends Jennifer and Mike, when should we think about sending the piggie to market. They dropped by last week and said now was the time. That he was the perfect size and we should send him. I was surprised, sad and relieved in one swoop.

It was never in my mind to keep him as a pet...we're not really set up for pigs..it bothered me that he lived in the stall, he was hard to keep clean and I wouldn't call him aggressive, but he was very pushy. Which I didn't care for..I like large animals to have some respect for humans. But we kept him well, treated him well...and I have to say that's good enough.

I asked Mike if he would deliever him for us..since I knew I really wouldn't have the heart to do it. He was happy to help, and as it turned out..I was sick, in bed..sick, when they came to get him..so I didn't ( couldn't) help with the loading.
I have pretty much we used that pig raising is on my..been there, done that list...I don't expect that we'll do another one. Turkeys yes...piggies no...and beef cows..never!!! While I enjoy home raised food and can truly appreciate the quality it provides...I know what I can handle and what I can't.

So thank you " hamlet" for the experience you shared with all of us, and we will always think fondly of you.