Tuesday, December 09, 2008

being an "indoor girl"...

As much as I LOVE being outside, there comes a day or two, when I simply can not do it!!! Thus the case yesterday... at noontime, when I did venture out to feed horses, and see what was happening at the farm... the temp was 11 degrees. And not that it was 11, I have been out in that temp... but it was the wind which was howling over the roof tops!!! I still don't know if the menfolk are brave or foolish, because they were all there working away... Ed, Chris, Ken, Eric and Buzz.. the mason didn't come, it was too cold for him to try and start the chimney, and I don't blame him!!!

The horses were snug enough in the barn, but of course, all buckets frozen. (where ARE you CMP??) Ed and I banged them out, and fed everyone a fairly warm beet pulp mash and some hay.. that made them happy!! Actually they do pretty well in the cold, they have nice thick coats and can get in the barn and out of the wind. Even the guinea hens were out and about.. but, not me, after chores I raced back home to the woodstove. We also had a repair guy coming to fix my dryer, so I did have the perfect excuse to wait at home!!!

My Christmas cards arrived, I began to address them. I love sending cards, and getting them back. For a number of friends, it's the only time that we get to catch up. Some will be surprised to learn that we have finally moved, I have only been talking about this for the past (nearly) 10 years!!!

Sunday, after church, we went to get our tree, with predictions of the cold snap and then "winter" weather, I at least wanted to have the tree, and then put it up when I get a little time to do so.

We got our tree up on "Foxes Ridge".. something magical about living in a little town where you get your tree off "foxes ridge"!!! And now that more people are getting to know us, I am beginning to feel that we are a part of the community.

We put it in a bucket of water to keep it fresh, but I wonder how fresh this block of ice is keeping it!!! We will have to thaw the tree out just to bring it in!!! I also have to watch those "boy dogs" of ours... with this cold, they think it's pretty nice that we brought a tree close to the house for them!!! I need to remind them that its "off the deck" and "use any tree you can find out there!!!"

I guess it's suppose to get a bit milder in the week ahead, which I will greatly appreciate. I know, it's winter and this is how it goes, but I wished I was a little "more ready"....