Sunday, November 22, 2009

playin' on a Sunday

So, I am still out of commission with the back thing and the day was so pretty - I was in such a foul mood!! We had talked earlier in the week with Rick about getting the boys hitched together again but with my back and all, I figured that wouldn't happen. However Rick called and said that he was up for an afternoon of horses, and Ed said so was he... and with that... we had an afternoon of horses!!

All I could do was shoot pictures, but after seeing these.. I am glad that I did. Rick headed out with Duke...

Ed took Tonka

And the guys ground drove for abit,just to be sure that the "boys" were in a good frame of mind.

Then they headed over to the wagon and after a bit of adjusting and settling in...

They were off. Ed drove while Rick kept an eye on the boys. Duke is so good with all of this, you can easily see that this is old hat to him. But Tonka isn't so calm and seems to try to pull the wagon all by himself. He doesn't know how to let Duke share the load, and always wants to be out in the front. After a few trips around and he began to tire, he then seemed to get the idea that they're a team

and the pulling even out. This is where work and experience will come into play, the more we can get them out together, the better they will become.

Overall, the afternoon went very well and even though I couldn't really be a part of it, I did have a wonderful time watching.

And baby Abbie - well she "hung out" in the tack room where it was nice and warm and we could all keep an eye on her.

After such a nice afternoon, we were off to the airport.. Sadie's dear friend Tara, has come to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with us. She hasn't been back to the "great state" since she graduated high school.. three years ago. We are just so happy and excited to have her here and it makes the holiday seem even more special..

so, ready for another busy week... now, if this silly back of mine will calm down, everyone will be happy... especially ME!!!!!!!!!!!!