Sunday, November 26, 2006

change of seasons

It is with much happiness that today, I removed the "deployment flag" from our front door and replaced it with a Christmas wreath!!!! My son-in-law who was deployed with the US Marine Corps in June will be arriving home the first weekend in December!!! When he shipped out, we were allowed to place a deployment flag on the front door and I remember thinking, "I can't wait to replace this with my Christmas wreath"... today is the day!!! It's been a long six months for us, but especially for my daughter, and her hubby's family, I can't imagine what "homecoming" is going to be like, but I will be certain to post all about it.

For the many other families who are still waiting, keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and remember this is a "volunteer" thing that these young men and women do for our country. The USA is blessed to have such great people who do this for us!!!!!! And as we head into the holiday season, I say with a greatful heart "Thank you and God Bless the USA"!!!!