Friday, April 02, 2010


After the deluge of rain that we had during March, it has been so very nice to see the sun the past couple of mornings. Last year, we were still dealing with a fair amount of snow, so to have this much "open space" so soon is a real blessing. I was up fairly early today and this was the view outside our bedroom window.. sadly, the camera doesn't capture it the way it was... but still, a full moon just before sunrise on a calm lake.
A beautiful way to celebrate "Good Friday".. and then, even better, the singing of the loons.... they are back!!!! and to hear their song just started the day.

The "girls" hard at working, making breakfast. They have decided that the hay bin is the best place for eggs, so, before we feed out the hay, we always need to check for eggs!!!!

Ed switched gears (if you will) and has gone onto yet another house project!!! (I have to say, and not because he is "mine".. but this one talented person!!! and I greatly admire all the things he can do. I can't even begin to think what he has "saved" us in labor costs around this house!!!!)
Yesterday, he took the time to hook up our hot water heater.

And, yes, by the end of the day.. we now have hot water in the house!!! Which means.. I can use my "dog tub"!!!! now, just get a couple of sinks in the house, and we'll be "almost home"!!!

just wanted to add these last couple of pictures from my birthday weekend. Our friends, Dave, Traci and Dillon stayed the night with us. So Sunday morning, we took them over to the Miss Wakefield for breakfast. We haven't been there since Thanksgiving, and it was so good and such a treat. Then.. you know we had to get a picture of them in front of the moose!!!

And Sadie and Abbie too. It was such a cold day!!! so, the predicted warm temps for this weekend is a welcomed thought!!!
So, we are in real crunch time now. June is 60 days away.. the move in target!!! If you don't see or hear from us over the next couple of months.. don't worry.. and if you are worried, come on over to the farm.. we can find something for you to do :o)