Sunday, December 09, 2007

the Walsh family tree

Perfect day for tree shopping.... warm (nearly 30) ... snow (just ankle deep) and plenty to choose from....

think this one is big enough????

The tree cutters!!! didn't they do a good job.... they got it down!!!!

Hey... don't we have a horse that can do this sort of work?? Why didn't we bring him with us???

All loaded up and ready to head home... world record this year... only took me about a half hour to find it!!!!!! No frozen toes this year... (you should have been there KAS!!!!!)

barn building

Just so the "farm" would have a bit of the Christmas look, I got a wreath to put on the front gate. I can't wait for the time, when I will "really be able to decorate" at the farm!!!! Even if the winds blow and swirl all the snow around... it's Maine afterall!!!!

The barn is coming right along.. Ed and Chris are turning out to be a good team!!! They "lost" two days last week with the snow that came thru, but by Wednesday evening, one wall was up and nearly complete!!! The guys find themselves often working right up until the end of daylight, Ed shot this picture, I like seeing the full moon in the back ground.

I was finally able to go up and see it yesterday. By then, they had another wall almost done and it should be standing by the first of next week. This wall is on the field side, and it's where the four walk out stalls will be.... all the stalls have a door and a window, so there is alot of planning and laying out with this one!!! It should be the "hardest" one of all, because the two end walls are smaller and have just the main door and windows in them. Chris is very "fussy" (which is a great thing) and carefully measures and re-measures before any of the work is done.

Keeping warm has proven to be a trick all of its own. The weather has been pretty cold, and the wind loves to run across that big field. Ed is very fond of his "silly hat"... but it does a good job at keep the ears warm!!!

I brought the dogs with me ... they LOVE to be at the farm!!! Who can blame them.. with all that room for running and racing about!!! It's going to be the perfect spot for the animals... here, Hunter offers his advise with regards to getting this wall up!!! Though I doubt a little cocker spaniel is of much use in this department.

I find myself thinking of what it's going to be like to go out to my own barn and find our horses waiting there for their dinner!!!! It seems so much like a fairy tale!!!!