Wednesday, January 30, 2008

another one

When we bought the land in Acton, and decided that we would work towards our "dreams of a farm" , one of the first things I did was take this to the Lord in prayer, and asked Him that if the farm could be put to His use, I would be a willing "partner".

I have done "foster care" for rescue for years, and time and time again, have thought, "I could take that dog (or one more) if I only had the space to do it". With the farm within reach, that thought comes to me more and more, and I have even put that idea into the planning stages of it. I am feeling that it might be one of God's uses for the farm (which for me, how cool that would be).

I certainly seem to "attract" them, for here we are again...

This is "Cooper"... a 5 month old springer spaniel... who had been bought as a gift for a wonderful 80 year old lady!!!! And who, tried very hard to make it work... but wisely decided that this little chap just wasn't a good fit for her. Being in my puppy classes and trying to decide what to do, and having major guilt about "dumping him into a shelter"... I opened my mouth and said whatever she needed to do, I would be willing to help her out.

Well, on Monday, she took me at my word, and brought Cooper to me in order to find a new home. He really is a great little guy, all house broken, crate trained, very friendly and happy..... and FULL of energy!!! (thank goodness Tazzy has energy to burn, because she is one that can actually make him tired!!!!)

So, I am putting the "word" out.... any one that might be interested in him is going to be carefully "screened"... they need to be fully aware of this puppy's energy level and know what they might be in for. And because he is so nice, he just deserves the best that can be found.

As I write this blog, word has come in from cocker rescue about another little chap that needs fostering... I am trying to decide if I have the space, time and energy to take him on as well...... I am thinking I could really use that farm right now!!!!!!