Friday, November 02, 2007

barn work

Ahhh... November, the month that we have been waiting for... the month that Nate arrives home from Iraq!!!! and we can hardly wait. We head out bright and early Tuesday morning to spend a few days in Colonial Williamsburg and then onto Jacksonville for the big home coming!! It's going to be an exciting week.

But, leave it to my Ed. He decided that if we were going to get the floor poured in our new barn, it had to be done... NOW!!! He's right, because come next spring, there is no way we can get a big cement truck thru the field to the barn. So, even though his heart is still playing games with him, and the doctors have advised "do what you like, but go easy"... he has spent the whole week working on the barn and getting it ready for a floor to be poured next week while we are gone. One of the major things that had to be done, was to get these big tubes into the ground, they will be filled with cement and will be the supporting posts for the barn frame. I think he said there are 16 of them that need to be ready to go. Fortunately, brother Bill has been on hand to help out.

Along with the supports, the lines have to be in place that will carry the water, the drains and the electrical. Ed has an idea of where this all needs to be, and good thing, because I haven't got a clue!!! He knows from being around the horses enough and the barns that we "hang out in" as to where things will work and what things we will need. The little John Deere has had a good work out!!! Nice to see it on the farm, just were "deeres" belong!!!! Ed was anxious to get everything in place and packed down, we're expecting the tail end of a hurricane tomorrow, and actually, the rain will play a good part in packing the dirt down and making it firm and ready for the cement. After this storm gets by, the weather is suppose to be great next week, so it could be we lucked out and got things done in the nick of time.

And here is the princess!!! I haven't said too much about Dancer in the past few blogs, but she is doing well and pretty much rules the house!!! She actually is quite funny and follows me about just like the cockers do!!! (she is sitting on the desk even now as I do this blog!!!) Next month she will have her first anniversary with us!!! I honestly can't believe a whole year has almost gone by. In fact, I have been "blogging" for a year now. Each month, I print my blogs and tuck them away in a note book, its a neat way to keep a journal, and even more fun because of the "comments" left by friends and the pictures that go along with the stories!!!!

So, the next stories will be from the south. Colonial Williamsburg, one of our MOST favorite places in the world.... and then the "landing of the marines!!!" Josh is house sitting while we're away and I told him one of his "jobs" will be to take down the deployment flag when we call and tell him that Nate has arrived!!!!!