Friday, January 01, 2010

happy 2010

Happy New Year!! In thinking back over the entire past year, it's hard to recap all that has gone on in our lives. The two "biggies" that come quickly to mind, are the arrival of our first grand daughter.. Abbie and of course, the loss of our dear little doggie Moxie. Some would call it "just life"... and in a very small nutshell, I suppose it is. The nice thing with a "blog" is I can go over the past year in detail anytime that I wish.. and so can you, dear reader. So, I'm not going to do all that today.. but I think the following pictures will speak volumes on "what our live has been like over the past year"...











and... December

As of today, we are not living here just yet - the work continues on the inside, and there is still much to do. However, I have no doubt that when I do my 2011 blog it will be from this house...

and it is the wish of Ed and I that you all have a wonderful, blessed and very happy 2010 ---onto another year of blogs!!!!