Sunday, June 13, 2010

floors and doors

As promised, our floor man - Steve - arrived bright and early Wednesday morning. He lugged a few boxes of "floor" up the stairs and got right to work. After seeing those beautiful floors unwrapped, I am really glad that I got the hallway painted!!! It would never do to get paint on them.

But now the race began. Steve needed to have all the doors in place so he would know where a good stopping point would be. The bedrooms will be carpeted, and will obviously match up against the hard wood. Ed and I got to work, and it seemed we no sooner got one door up, and Steve was right behind us with the floor.

He's quick and knows his stuff. We certainly made a wise move with hiring him and his company.

The flooring we bought is already finished. We picked it for a couple of reasons, one being - once it's down - it's done!!! And secondly, this is suppose to have the "hardest finish" available. Those of you who know us well... know we need a good hard finish on the floors... between dogs, us - Abbie now racing around in her "scootie".. these floors are going to have ALOT of use. We certainly need something that will hold up to our live style!!! So, now the upstairs - hardwood - is all done... carpets come next, and the flooring heads downstairs.

One more room of tile... the pantry!!! Since the pantry cabinets need to get out of the living room (so Steve can start the hardwood floor there).. it only made sense to get the tile done. Then we can move the pantry cabinets in, they will be out of the way, and in the place they need to be!!!!

The "Famous Last Piece"!!!!

In place.. now a bit of "grout"... 24 hours to stand.. and we can start to get this room done.
Everything all at once... what else is new. Except one thing, it's time to move out of the "big camp". So, looks like it will be a squeeze into the little camp for a few weeks.... wish us luck!!!!