Thursday, December 20, 2007


It's late, I should be asleep, but find that I don't do that well anymore. I don't know if a "40's thing" or something because of my surgery a couple years back, or maybe I need to hook up with a good doctor and get some answers.... (my new year's resolution!!! find a good doctor!!!) but either way, I find myself playing out here in computer world instead of under my covers!!!And thinking up all sorts of weird questions that must have some answers.....

We call it "steak night" .. I wrote about this last August sometime, but, just to tell you... every Wednesday evening, a group of friends meet at the Longhorn Restaurant in Newington to have a dinner and chat. Funny how often you have such great friends and never seem to have enough time to just sit and talk.... so, steak night is one way to cover that. Anywho... this blog really isn't so much about steak night, well, it is, but I have another topic I am going with here.

It's gotten so, I don't go very far without my camera, and the people that hang around with me will tell that I am always saying... "picture time for the blog"... which I did last night at steak night (because we had a grand crew of people there!!!) but, the question was posed to me.... where did "blog" come from/ what does it mean. I have no idea, and so my fellow bloggers out there... can you answer that question????

I have only blogged for about a year, but I really do enjoy my little spot here in computer land. I think I have a number of readers, because if I don't stay somewhat up to date... I am reminded about that ... (come to think of it, some of my fellow bloggers need some up dating on their own pages... I need some new things to read!!!!) I also wonder how long blog pages stay up... and I ask that question because of my dear friend Lisa, (who passed away a year and half ago after a long battle with cancer) still has her page up. It makes me happy and sad at the same time, I still go and re-read her pages. I laugh at her stories, and feel so sad that I can't ring her on the phone anymore and talk about them. I hope "they" keep it up for a good long time, it makes a good memory for me and I feel fortunate to still have it only a click away.

But, back to steak night. As I said, we had a good big crowd there. The "kids" were there, Kassy, Nate, Sadie and Matt, Sean.... and here is "uncle Bill" I don't know how he got stuck "at the kids' table" but I think he enjoyed being there!!! Between him and Cozy, they both enjoy the "kids" being around and coming out with the "folks" to steak night. As a rule, I don't get to go much, because Wednesday nights are my classes in Wells, so it's a treat when I have a night off and can be part of the crowd!!!! And I warned everyone that they would find themselves on the blog!!!! (and so they have).

We picked up another 5ish inches of snow today. Ed got a day off from barn work, which really didn't make him too happy, he wants so much to get it weather tight. Looks like he will be back at it tomorrow, after doing some snow clean up there. We only "have" Chris until Saturday and then he is off to another job (we knew we would only have him for a few weeks) but, I think Ed has come up with someone else to help finish it... at least to the point of getting the roof on. Then I think we will let it sit until better weather. I hope I can get up there tomorrow and see it for myself... and who knows, maybe get a few more pics for the blog!!!!!