Monday, August 11, 2008

what to do???

The "digger" arrived this morning... and has begun the work of digging for our foundation. With the timbers arriving sometime around the 10th of September, we need to get moving. The weather has not been a help, and in fact, the "digger" only got about an hour's worth of work in this day, and had to quit because the rain was coming down so hard. We are in hopes that he can finish tomorrow, because the foundation crew is waiting to come in.

You know it's wet when even the mushrooms can't survive...Ed and I took a walk out in the woods yesterday and I noticed the mushrooms are rotting on their stems. It hasn't been a "great summer" weather wise and I feel bad for people who are trying to vacation or/and spending big money at the motels near the ocean.... it has to be a let down for them.

We are working between the rain drops... I have most of the painting done, fortunately, it's in places where if it takes days to dry... it's ok. This weekend Ed and I went and got the things needed for fencing. We need to start planning the pasture area, but one thing I have to be careful of is... the grass. It's been so long since any of our horses have had "grazing area"... I am going to have to start them off slow and small.

Ed and Ken got a gate up today. We had to think this thru as well, remember the snow we had last winter??? All that sort of thing has to be taken into consideration as well. We have two 10' gates "under" the shed roofs, this way, both can be swung back so Ed (or me) can get the tractor in for plowing. We think this idea will work, but we'll certainly know more when the winter time comes!!!

And I have just "one little problem" in the barn....

There are four completed stalls..........

and three horses moving in.....

What to do?????