Thursday, April 05, 2007

it's true

I followed a plow truck all the way home from dog class last night!!! It's a wet heavy snow, the roads were very slushy, and the tree limbs and wires were bending down from the weight of it.

This morning everything was covered, school for Sadie was cancelled, there are tons of power outages, and branches down all over the place.

But, I have another "problem", tomorrow I am leaving for North Carolina, where the temps are about 80... and I just can't think of how to pack lighter and cooler clothes when we have 6+ inches of snow!!!!

Kas is talking about taking me to the beach when we get there and I just can't wrap my brain around that!!! Strange... very strange. I think this will be the last of the snow, and I get the idea that is a good thing, I don't mind it, but I hear the complaining!!!

I am going to take my camera and do my blogging from NC... (Kass will let me use her computer I am sure).. so I suspect the pics will be looking a little different over the next few days....I am excited about going, a change will be fun, but, it's also when we see Nate off, it's sad as well....

In the meantime, got to move some cars around, so Ed can plow!!!!

******foot note of the afternoon..... Sadie and I went out to the barn to do chores, Teresa had locked the boys in last night, which was a smart idea with all the branches coming down..... however, along with those branches... so did the fence!!! It wasn't much to fix it up again, since its just wire, but still, we wouldn't have wanted the boys racing around the neighborhood last night. After the fence was back, Sadie and I helped shovel out the stall doors, and then turned the boys loose. I was sorry not to have had my camera, the horses had a wonderful roll in the white clean snow... it was fun to watch them.

Teresa was (is) still without power, thankfully the outside water tubs were near full.... no power, means no well pump and no water!!!! (That's one thing Ed and I will have in Acton, a generator...) lugging water for 6 thirsty horses would be alot of work....... but the tubs are nice in that they don't have to be filled too often..... it's been a fairly warm afternoon, so the snow is melting well.... spring will appear again very soon, I am certain.......