Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Today, I have been given an amazing gift, and even as I write this, I am finding it hard to come up with the proper words.... a gift only from God.. would be some way to put it.

Sadie went to take her test for her driver's license (she passed!!!) and as I was sitting there waiting for her, so was another Mom. I was pretty nervous, but she was beside herself, pacing the floor, big sighs, looking out the window... she really made me "more jumpy" than I already was. Trying to think of something brilliant to say to her, I came out with the lame sentence of " is this your child's first try?". She told me no, and I said it was Sadie's second try too, and that I really wanted to have her passed. She said to me, "well, I NEED my daughter to pass", and then didn't say much more as she looked out the window again, and said "oh, they're back, but I can't tell if she made it or not".

A few seconds later, her daughter bounded thru the door, big smiles and showing her Mom that everything had gone well. They both hugged each other, and began to cry.... well, you know me, I joined right in!!! and gave them both all the congratulations I could muster.

As they got ready to go, the Mom turned to me and said "I didn't get to finish when I told you that she NEEDED to pass, you see, my husband is in Boston at the Cancer institute, since I need to go there everyday, my daughter has had to give up several things because I can't drive her to all the places she needs to be. Now that she can drive herself, she should be able to get back to the things she enjoys doing." I didn't even know what to say to them, this just took my breath away, so I quietly asked her husband's name and said I would pray for them... she told it was Jim.

After Sadie had driven me home... and drove herself to school. I went out and got the mail. It was full of Christmas cards from all different friends... but one in particular.... a horse friend... who had included with her card a letter... it starts off " I have never written a Christmas letter before. But this year, I am motivated by a story that has been unfolding since November 1.. when my dear friend Kate took her husband Jim to the ER......" and it goes on from there. THE Mom.... THE MOM that I had --just less than an hour ago --been waiting with at the Motor Vehicles Department!!!! My horse friend knows them.....

It is just one those things, where I am amazed at what God crosses my path with, and long ago I quit asking and wondering "why" things like this happen... I accept that they do, and that it's best to pray and see what I need to be doing about this. When I told this story to Ed (before the Christmas card arrived) he made a comment ..."times like that, don't you wish you had a gas card in your pocket that you could just hand to them and say, this should help you get to Boston".... well, guess what, as it goes, my horse friend put their address in her Christmas letter.... and I have a feeling that a gas card along with a note from "the other nervous Mom" needs to be sent... in fact, there is my answer.. it HAS to be sent... so I guess I'd better getting moving.........