Thursday, October 08, 2009

nothing exciting

So, I really don't have much to write about, nothing that exciting going on, just the usual day to day things. Working at the house, teaching dog classes, settling into the big camp.. and of course, on the watch for baby Abbie!!!! I totally "stole" this picture from a wonderful blog that I read!!! (hello cowgirl goods!!) I just thought it was so pretty, I would love to do something like this in a cross stitch!!! I love old signs, seems like there was so much time taken when making these wonderful items... "we" don't do that sort of thing any more.

Ed's been puttering with the driveway this week, we need to have a good gravel base. There are all kinds of gravel pits around here, and you have many choices as to whether you want the gravel brought in, or if you have the equipment, you can haul it yourself...and which pit you wish to haul from... etc, etc. Our tractor can do the work, so Ed thought he would have some gravel brought in and dumped and he would take it from there...

but - Rick offered him his dump truck to haul gravel in. It's a big savings if you can haul it yourself... so Ed took him up on the offer and had the dump truck all Tuesday to bring gravel in. Boys and their toys!!!! a dump truck, dirt.. and a tractor... it's just a bigger version of a sand box!!!! :-)

I brought some lunch down to the house so we could eat together... it was a little chilly, so we fired the woodstove off - first official "burn" of the season. It did a nice job, and there will be many more fires for sure in that little stove!!!!

Because we had rain and damp weather the next couple of days, Ed worked down in the cellar. He built the wall that will separate the kennel area from the rest of the basement. There is going to be a tub for bathing dogs, and a toilet, just for convenience.. so, once he finishes this wall, the plumber can come back and finish up his work. Another one of those "one project needed to be done for the next project".. we seem to have a lot of those just now.

The turkeys won't be with us much longer. It's sad in some ways, but the truth is, they are beginning to eat us out of house and home!!! I bought 100 pounds of grain last Tuesday, and another 50 pound bag today!!! At this rate, we could hardly afford to feed them. The first batch of six departs next week, and the second batch the following week.

This is our biggest bird, it's definitely a "tom" and he can be quite aggressive at times. I always keep a close eye on him when I have to do "turkey chores": He certainly has the respect of the other birds as well, everyone moves out of the way when he comes walking thru....

Sadie and I put together a couple of fleece blankets for Abbie this week. I picked out a green background with lots of animals on it.. and she picked out a pink background with big fun flowers on it. Tonite she worked on finishing up her blanket. These will be nice to put on the floor, or wrap Abbie up in, I have made them before.

so, that's all there is to report... as I said nothing too exciting... but that's OK.. life can be good even without excitment.......