Saturday, November 24, 2007

"black Friday"

I never liked the term "black Friday"... I know "why" they call it that.... but, it still sounds sort of gruesome to me, why would you begin the most wonderful holiday season with the word "black"? just call it "money Friday??" Either way, it means that lots of people are out there.. spending money, and though I vowed never to get caught up in it... guess what... Ed and I spent more money yesterday than several people combined.... though, our spending took on a different look from some....
It came on the back of a truck!!!! THIS is our new barn being delivered to Acton. All I see is lots of boards and things, but Ed is like a kid and this is simply a big kit that needs to go together!!! (maybe now I understand how he feels in a material shop ...... I see quilts and he sees bolts of cloth) Naturally the weather was almost bitter cold, the wind was whistling across that field but it seems like Ed always begins big projects in the cold!!!

Now, here's a pair that spells "trouble"!!!! Thank goodness..... we have DAVE!!!! always the good sport and willing to lend a hand. He and Ed work well together, so bundled up as much as they could be and still work.... they sorted all the lumber off the truck and began the lay out of the barn. This is the "fussy" part of the work, and when I went back to check on them (try to bring them a hot lunch,) it seemed as though they hadn't got very far, but in reality... a lot of work had been done.

Look who's working and who's goofing here!!!!

So, this is the start of a dream coming to real life... the day after Thanksgiving, how blessed I am!!! Good friends/family, projects that are in the works, a future that is bright and full of promises!!!! I guess I won't fuss about "black Friday" anymore... for it now holds a special meaning for me........