Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Personally, I am not a fan of New Years Eve... I'm not the party (ie:drinking) sort of person, and for me New Years eve is more like the "end of the holidays" instead of the "beginning". It is fairly certain you will find me in more of a "frump" than a "fun" sort of mood on this day.

We did have plans to go out with "the other side of the family" (the Flaggs) which is always good and gave me something to look forward to. But, after dinner, as far as I'm concerned, its just time to head home (where it's safe). However, as we were talking at dinner, it seemed like everyone just wanted something more to do, and in talking we tried to come up with some where fun to go.... AND remembered that L.L. Beans was open.... they NEVER close. Since I had some things to return to them and Ed has been wanting (actually NEEDING) some new winter boots, we finished dinner and headed to "L.Ls"

The place was in a festive mood. They had music and a few little shows going on. They also have this wonderful clock and I managed to "capture a midnight kiss"!!!! We did some shopping and just enjoyed talking to the folks that worked there, and all the other customers, who, like us, decided to do something "different".

I don't think we have ever been at "L.Ls" when it was so "quiet". We got a good spot close to the door, and was able to shop easily and see things.

It was all "decked out" for the season. They had some amazing lights, and a cute little "forrest of trees"... ice sculptures....and we had some fun walking around outside and just enjoying all the pretty things.

It did make a short night for Ed, who was up early to clean up some snow and head to Acton to work on the barn. I suspect he will be to bed early tonite... but he did get a new pair of boots.

And as I write, the snow starts up again, and the "weather poem" from the Farmer's Almanac for January... "Bright and melting, then a belting! Cold enough to make us blanch; watch out for an avalanche! Freezin' beyond reason. Another blast is bearly past; Avast! How long can it last?",,,, Huh?