Tuesday, March 04, 2008

what's going on

It's Tuesday afternoon, Ed is home from the hospital. He went in this am to see if they could "retrieve" this kidney stone... they were not able to do so. They know where it is, and now exactly how big it is, and they are definitely going to have to "blast" it with ultra sound... that will be done on Thursday. So, "we" are not out of the woods yet, but he is home, resting "comfortably" and we have a game plan for the rest of the week.

Thank you to everyone for your emails, blog comments, and phone calls, it's nice to know we have a wide circle of friends who care so much... it makes a difference!!!!

We are expecting more winter weather tonite. I had to cancel dog classes last Tuesday because of weather, and I am hoping that it will hold off long enough tonite so that I can "sneak" them in...I don't like to cancel too many, as you lose the "flow" of it after a bit!!! So, wish me luck on the ride home... this is my late class and a trip down from Saco.

The babies are growing in leaps and bounds, and are about half the size of their Mama. I have enjoyed them so much!!! They have such different personalities, but are all quite friendly. "Curley" my "favorite" (the one in the back with the little black face) is the funniest little thing . She talks all the time, and is the loudest one of the bunch!!! I told Ed that I had been thinking of sneaking her into the hospital today to sit with me while I waited for him (not really, but it sounded good)... however, she can't be quiet enough to sneak her anywhere... so even if I thought I really could have done it... she would have certainly given us away!!!!

The piggies aren't the only ones getting big so is our little niece, Naomi!!! She was here for Sadie's birthday party and what a little card she is!!! At 20 months she is picking up all kinds of words and expressions and just kept us in stitches the whole evening.
Do we have a future horseman here. She just had to get up on my carousal horse and "take a little ride". Rachel said that every horse is "Mocha"!!!! pretty funny, she hasn't seen Mocha since last fall when she went for a little ride on her.....
On Saturday, when we were under the weather a little, the cockers just laid low with us.... I guess this is what you could call a "dog pile"........ (there are three dogs in the picture.....
And that's about all the news for now.... stay tuned for future updates.....