Wednesday, July 11, 2007

summer weekend

Friday afternoon, I packed the truck with an assortment of items.... food, duffel bag..... SIX cocker spaniels, and headed north to camp. Ed and I were pretty excited to find the hayman, Joe, and crew, on the field!!! It's funny what I get excited about, and haying this field is certainly one of those things!!! Mainly because it hasn't been hayed in at least 25 years, so it means a lot to me to have it brought back and doing what it was meant to do..... provide hay. Joe says the yield on it is "fair"..... fine for cattle, but not the best for horse hay, so he'll give us some insight on what we can do to make it better over the next few years, however its come a long way in the time that we have had it. The first summer, Ed was mowing down trees and it has taken us these past five year just to "reclaim it" as a field. That's a sad tale these days, hay fields are either being gobbled up by brush and trees... or houses... and I'm not to sure which one is worse!!!!!

Moxie is the funniest of dogs. Somehow at camp, all rules just seem to disappear, guess that's why the dogs love it so much there. I couldn't "find" her at bedtime on Friday, so went looking (its not like the camp is that big) and found her sound asleep in our duffel bag!!!! She had "smooched" the clothes into a perfect little cocker bed and was quite comfy!!! I suppose too, she figured that if we were going anywhere.... she was all packed!!!!!

and what is it about camp anyways??? sleeping is a good pass time for sure!!! Camille and Trevor take full advantage of a lap whenever possible!!!
Watching the loons is another favorite pass time. This year we have two pair on the lake, which, I am told, is a bit unusual. The four of them must have found some good fishing and spent the longest time just off our dock, diving and swimming and singing!!! I love the sound of the loons..... course if I had known what they were talking about, I might have known that rain would be coming the next day, but more about that later...............