Saturday, January 31, 2009

the cocoon is gone......

Brick work is progressing nicely on the farm. The chimney looks grand standing out of the roof.... now all we need is smoke!!!!! Which will happened within the next few weeks. Something so "homey" and inviting about a house with smoke coming out of it's chimney.... at least there is for me.

The garage has been the focus of Ken and crew this week. All lower walls are up, some even have their outside covering. It looks big... there is just no two ways around that!!!! Next week I think the roof will be going on, and for the most part, that will complete the full size of the house.

but, the best news of all.... the "cocoon" that was hiding the chimney and hearth is gone!!! The masons finished up the hearth this morning and they did an amazing job. Watching them working with the brick, I realize what a true talent it is to be a mason. It's one of those jobs that I think we take for "granted".... because all we ever really see is the finished product. Seeing how it all came together was very interesting.

The is the "view" that I will have from the kitchen.

I could resist pulling back the tarp and taking a peek at the hearth!!! Now, just have to get the woodstove in place!!!!!