Tuesday, July 03, 2007

wilson lake

Now, that it's officially summer, it was time for a "real" camp weekend. Last year, when Ed went to the NASCAR race, I put together a "girls day at camp" and invited just my girlfriends to come!!! So, this year, I thought it would be fun to do the same thing, and I think from here on out, the NASCAR weekend will become the girl's weekend as well.

It actually turned out to be quite a busy and fun weekend at camp.
On Friday evening, when Ed arrived, he brought with him, our new
"gator".. if you remember in past posts, our old gator was stolen last winter, fortunately it was insured, so when the check came, we went gator shopping. It took Ed and I a little time to agree on "what" gator we wanted. I wanted one just like my old one... six wheels and not too fancy. Sadly, they don't make the six wheeled gators and those of you who know Ed... know he likes the "fancys".... so we met somewhere in the middle. The true test though, lies with Moxie... I needed to be sure we got one that she liked.... and as you may see from this picture, she hopped right in the front seat and was pretty happy to stay there!!!!

Now, it also turned out to be the weekend that Dale and Val decided to stay. Dale "won" the weekend at camp at our dog club auction last December, and since they were coming for "girl's day" thought they would just use the weekend stay. But, there is something that these two are not capable of...... sitting still!!!! So, when Ed began to mow around the camps and do some yard work, they both grabbed rakes and got right to work!!! (nice that we had the gator to help out) in no time at all, everything was mowed, raked, picked up ... weeded... and the place looks awesome!!!!

They at least took a little swim time afterwards..... Dale wanted to do some swimming lessons with Tucker and Sampson. Tucker wasn't too sure about the water, but Sampson (being the cocker that he is) did pretty well at his first swim attempts. I bet by the end of the summer, he will easily be keeping up with Moxie... and maybe even with Trevor!!!!

Here's Val and Sampson, enjoying some down time on the dock... in the sun....

On Sunday, the girls arrived... there was Dale, Val, Kim, Karen, Jeannie, Kassy and her friend Mary. I wished the day had been a bit warmer, it was windy and too cold for swimming, but we had wonderful food and just the best time, sitting and talking. Sadly, I don't do enough of this sort of things with my gals... everyone is so hard at work and have so many things to do, its a real blessing to take time out and .... chill!!!!!

Besides the girls, were also the puppy dogs... we had.... Moxie, Camille, Hunter, Trevor, Tazzy, Tatter, Charlie, Tucker, Sampson and Sedona...... they all got along beautifully... course, the funny thing is, the dogs knew each other, even though the owners didn't (at first) because most of them have met at my house (where else??)

Trevor is very happy here with his ball!!!!

The 4th is on a Wednesday this year, so with the holiday in the middle of the week, we plan to do a "4th cookout" on Sunday, I am in hopes that the gals will all be back again, and this time, "we" will "allow" the families to come... plus a whole lot of other friends as well.... and not only is July a real summer month.... its also another month that Nate is closer to home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!