Sunday, April 05, 2009

"poor" babies

Today was (is) Palm Sunday, Ed and I started the day out in church. then (along with two other couples) became "official members" of our "little" church, and it feels great to be settled in. We started attending as soon as we moved here, we already knew a number of the members, but it is such a friendly church, that even the folks we didn't know soon became friends. About a month ago, we were asked if we were thinking about becoming members, and both Ed and I said that we would like to. We met with the Pastor, and today during service we "joined".

After church, we headed down to the barn. Betty (my dear friend!!!) was there, she had all the chores done and was just enjoying the horses and doing an amazing job at grooming!!! (which they all greatly needed... mud men that they are!!)

I have been thinking about our pasture, and felt that we needed to block the boys out of the lower end. I fear that if we don't give the pasture a chance to dry out and green up, we won't have any grazing come summer.

So, the three of us, strung a line across the paddock area, giving the boys about a third of the pasture, and hopefully allowing the lower end to dry out and get a hold. I don't think the boys were too impressed when we cut them lose and they found themselves in a smaller area. (poor babies) but I think they will appreciate it later on....
After the work in the pasture, it was back to help the flyball folks pick up after the weekend tournament. Looks like they had a great time and everything went well. They were all pretty tired and seemed very happy to see a "fresh" crew arrive to help with the clean up. It didn't take too long to get everything picked up and then tucked away for another year....

Here's the latest picture of the lake.... the ice is going quick, I wouldn't be surprised if it is all gone by the end of the week.