Thursday, February 18, 2016

happy birthday Calvin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day after Valentine's we got another load of snow. Funny how we had nothing the first half of the winter and now it seems to be making up for lost time.... I called Kass and she said no signs of Calvin just yet, so I was content to settle in and enjoy this storm. 
I'm keeping the car full of gas and have all my dog classes on stand by .. just in case Kass calls and says it's time. I get to be there for the birth.. which really makes me happy because this will mean that I have the privilege of seeing each one of my grand babies being born!!!

On Wednesday Kass had a doctor's appointment and I had to teach dog class... so I loaded up Logan and went down to watch Reagan while Kass went to the doctor and then I was going to class afterwards. Well... Kass called from the doctors and said that she's being admitted... they want baby Calvin to come now, not that there's any real trouble, but they're thinking it's time for him to be here before "troubles" begin.

Oh oh.. Logan!!! Fortunately Kathleen was working at the library.. so I took Logan over to her.. and then I canceled dog classes.. and now we wait. 

I spent the evening with Kass, Nate and Diana... it's quite certain that Calvin will be here within the next 48 hours. Around 9:00 pm the nurses checked on Kass and predicted that Calvin would more than likely be born on Thursday.  Since she still had the whole night to go, I decided I would go home.. get some sleep and just come back in the morning... Kass agreed, so i drove back to the farm.

I got a late supper, and climbed into bed... and was just falling asleep when the phone rang. It was Kass... seems things were suddenly progressing much quicker than thought, and Calvin wasn't going to wait much longer. I jumped up.. got dressed and rushed back.....

And within a few hours of getting back to the hospital... little Calvin made his grand entrance.... the birth went very well

Calvin Edward Flagg.... 15 minutes old....

Tired, happy Mom and Dad... Kass's doctor and Diana.... a great birthing crew!!!

After the big event, I went back home again... got some sleep.. took care of the critters and headed back. Family was arriving to check out our newest member... here Auntie Sadie sees little Calvin for the first time...

Abi is quite taken with her newest cousin. She was there when Reagan was just born, but I'm not sure she really remembers him being this small... She kept telling her Mom.. "he's so little"

And she was pretty thrilled when she got to hold him.....

another visitor of the day was Amanda and Bradon... actually Bradon and Calvin were due pretty much on the same day.. but Bradon couldn't wait and he came three weeks early!!!! so, they're about the same age just that Bradon has got a jump on Calvin with his early arrival...

The new mommies!!!

And now... life really gets busy and we are so thrilled to have our little Calvin here safe and sound... welcome welcome sweet boy!!!!!