Thursday, December 31, 2009

another year

New year's eve day...I can't say that I am a big fan of New Year's Eve, I know there are a lot of folks who do enjoy it, but it's not my fav. I always feel like we should be "doing something", and yet, I don't like being out too late on cold winter nights, we really aren't "party" folks, and in New England, who can ever count on the weather.

I had the grand idea of doing a hay ride with the team. And in fact, we had been working them quite regularly in preparation of it, but the weather wasn't in our favor... snow, ice, and cold for the "holiday". On top of that, work schedules, Deb had to work (she's a nurse) and wasn't sure when she would be free, and then other factors came into play and the plans sort of fell apart. I really couldn't come up with any "alternative" plans, so the day just went on like any other day.

We worked around the house some. Ed has been wanting to get a spot light up on the driveway side. When we go to load the wood furnace at night, it's dark... he's been using his CELL PHONE (of all things) as a flashlight. Works, but it's kind of silly. So, we went and got a nice bright light and he put that up comes on automatically when you pull up to drive and aims perfectly on the furnace.

This furnace has really worked out well. I can't get over how it heats the house, and tending to it hasn't been a "bad" chore at all. We fill it up twice a day (usually at the horse's feeding time) and it chugs along the rest of the time. We are currently running a bit short of wood, but Rick has promised us a load very soon... so, I'm not too worried about that. I have been lugging wood from the pile at the camp.. which has been a little hassle, but just knowing more wood will be delivered, we're doing just fine. We have decided that it will be our main source of heat, even after we move in. Eventually, we will get an oil furnace too, but because this is going so well, that's not going to be a top propriety right now.

After puttering around the farm I called around to see what folks were up to. Kas and Nate had made plans just to "hang out" so they were "happy".. and then I gave Kelli and Rick a jingle and they didn't have too much going on. We decided just to order some Chinese food, crash in on their house and at least have an evening out. Abbie seemed pretty happy with this idea.. especially when we told her she could stay up until midnight!!!! (NOT that she has ever done anything like that before!!!)

It was a quiet but fun evening and it went by in a flash. I never intended to stay until midnight, but while we were visiting, we watched the "ball" drop.. and here we are...

2010!!! I say this over and over again, but truly where does the time go... it scares me sometimes...

Next year, maybe I will have my act together and we can pull that hay ride together...