Monday, April 30, 2007


This past Saturday, at Reigning Cats and Dogs in Wells (where I teach my Wednesday night classes), Paula brought in an Animal Communicator, Louise. I really don't know what I make of all this, but thought, why not go and see what it was all about and have a first hand experience with it. A number of my students recently have "met with communicators" and if nothing else, I can at least say I have tried it myself.

Course, I wasn't about to do this alone, so I invited Kas with Charlie, Sadie with Tatter, Deb with Hallie and Lucky, and I took Moxie and Camille.... and a picture of Tonka!!! Sadie went first with Tatter... I can't say that we learn anything "amazing".. Louise said that Tatter was very happy living with us, that she wouldn't mind being a show dog, but would have to be eased into it because she didn't like a lot of noise and confusion and was a bit of a "jumpy" dog, and that Tatter "liked Tazzy ok... but will like her better once she (Tatter) becomes top dog".... ( I must admit that part was a little surprising as we didn't bring Tazzy with us, and I can see here at home where those two girls do have issues every now and again!!!)

Kassy went next with Charlie... this "conversation" went even more....ummmm... interesting (guess that's the word). Charlie "said" that when he picked Kassy out, he knew that she needed him. He said that he could tell she needed someone special, even if he didn't know why at the moment. Now, he "says" that with his Daddy away so much, he is there to fill in and take care of things. He "says" too, that he always snuggles in bed to keep Kas company and that Nora (Kassy's cat) is competition in the bed, so that is why Charlie chases her out. Kassy did ask why Charlie does this little hopping, sniffing, scratching behavior... and Charlie "said" to keep mice away, because Kas is afraid of them. (we do have mice now and again in the house!!) There were a few other details that I can't exactly remember, but Louise will send us transcripts and we can look them over.... either way, it was rather strange......

Deb went next with her two dogs... again, I can't remember all the details of their conversation, but am anxious to see the transcripts and review them. However, like with Sadie and Kas, a few things were said that are hard to explain. It was then my turn, I took Camille in first , like Tatter, nothing amazing was said. Camille is very happy in her home, she "says" she likes everyone (which is true, Camille always gets along with any dog). She "said" she was the second dog - that Moxie was first - and she likes going to dog school, but isn't as stern as Moxie is with the other dogs (that was strange, because Camille would like to correct the others sometimes, but doesn't do it in a strong manner),

Then I went in with Moxie (so did Ed as you can see with the picture!!!) Again, this was most interesting..... Moxie "said" she was number one in the dog pack and with me!!!! She loves to travel (which is the truth... Moxie loves to stay in hotels and be on the road!!!! always has!!!) She has to be with me all the time, and likes to do the dog shows. She also "said" that she liked dog classes ok, but found the people not very smart and that is the reason why their puppies are so bad. She "thinks" that the people should listen to me like the puppies listen to her. She "says" that she would like to be able to correct those puppies in class much sooner, but understands that I won't allow it, because it will upset their owners!!!! So she leaves it to me and wonders why the people don't always get it. She also "said" she has a tooth that is a little trouble some. (lower right side-- so, I will have that checked out when we do our spring appointments.... just to see. ) She "said" too that she keeps the other dogs of the house in line, and that they don't upset her too often because she can make it "not happy for them if they do". Then she "said" she didn't know why she had to be there, because "her Mom already knows all about her!!!!"

I also took picture of Tonka... because she can do it that way as well. With Tonka there were some interesting things... he said he was in training and didn't know exactly what it was all about, but was willing to give it a good try, and that his "mom" knows more than she gives herself credit for. He "said" the trailer was dark and he had been frightened on a trailer one time and so that is why he is a little afraid of it, and if the lighting in the trailer were better, that would help. He also "thinks" that his life now is much better than it used to be. that he wasn't at all happy in his old home. He "said" too, that he likes his stable mate (Silver)... and that he was a "grey horse" with alot of experience. (now that really surprised me, because I never said anything about another horse, and especially the color)

So, what do I think.... well, I don't know exactly,--- except that there are greater things in the world than I know. And I have to admit that I often marvel at the "miracles" that happen everyday. And when God created the heavens and the earth, His game plan is far more reaching than my human mind will ever be able to comprehend. Is it "real"--- this communication thing..... well, I think I will just keep an open mind

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

addition to the family......

Well, it isn't exactly "alive" but there is a new addition to our family...... another 12 acres of land!!! I don't know why we "need it", except for the fact that my Ed loves land, and when ever... where ever possible, if he can add more land to our lives... he does!!!! As he says... "God isn't making it anymore, so we better get what we can".
Actually its a nice addition... this map is a little hard to read here, but if you look at it, from right to left... the first two pieces are the ones that we have owned for quite sometime. (the part that is white, is the field and the rest in green are wooded areas) ... the third piece (with the wiggly back line) is the new piece, and the wiggly back line represents the little brook that is the back border to the property.
Ed, Moxie and I walked it last Sunday.... parts of it where still quite wet from all the rain we had, and the little brook was running in great shape, but most of it is woods with all sorts of trails here and there. We did come across an old logging road, that can easily be restored and would be amazing for riding!!!!! We also "saw" a lot of wildlife... well, maybe not the wildlife themselves, but certainly signs of them... lots of deer poo AND.... Moose poo!!!! (fairly fresh, so we had our eyes open for that fellow!!!) we saw signs of hawks, and I almost got hit by a rabbit!!!!!( He certainly came quite close in his running away from us!!!!) Good thing Moxie didn't get a chance at him.... she might have been long gone!!!All told, we walked for nearly an hour and a half, just getting the lay of the land and where it matches up with the other piece. It now makes nearly thirty acres.... which means, I could ride all day long and never leave our own property!!! pretty cool..... can't wait to try it.
We have talked a lot about our new house and all the different things we hope to try... one is using wood as a main source of heat.... with all the "blow downs" and clean up to be done in our "new woods" we will have enough of a wood source to last us quite some time......
so... "ALL" we need to do now .. is get up there.... but that time is coming .....................

Thursday, April 19, 2007

what's up

You would think that with nearly a week of rain, I would have done tons of blogging!!! Not, that I wasn't inside...just seems like there wasn't time, its been a busy week around here!!!

Before you get too excited, NO, we do not have another cocker, we did, however, have a baby guest over the weekend!!!

This is Carley, and she belongs to Karen. Since Karen was going off for the weekend, she asked Sadie if she would "mind watching her"... (guess what Sadie's answer was!!) We all had a blast with her, but I am not too sure what the "big dogs" thought. Carley is afraid of nothing, and wanted to be with the big guys and do everything that they were doing!!! For the most part the big dogs proved to be quite patient with her and let her almost get away with everything.... Moxie and Hunter were probably the two that said what needed to be said, but, it was a good lesson for little Miss Carley...... and she got some insight into "new pack rules" (she lives with other dogs at Karen's, but of course, this was a whole different crew!!!)

Carley even went to Becker College with us on Tues. Sadie, Ed and I went down to "new student day" to check out the campus and all the things that they have to offer. What a nice little campus it is, and Sadie felt very comfortable and excited to be there. Looks like that will be "home" for her next fall. They have a wonderful equine program, (beautiful barn, indoor arena, outdoor arena, etc. etc.) and Sadie is thinking that she would like to sign up for the equine team next fall once she is settled. We like the fact that it is only a couple hours from home, so she can easily drive home when she wishes, and/or we can pop down and see her....

And Titus has a new home!!! I was quite "worried" about him being in the small tank, so we went out and got one that was twice the size!!!! He is much happier in his new home, and I am finding out that turtle keeping is a bit of work!!! Not that I didn't think there wouldn't be, but turtles as pet are rather fussy and if you wish to keep the happy, you need to pay attention.

Keeping the tank and water clean is probably the hardest, turtles aren't exactly what you would consider a "clean pet", but I think I am finally on a routine that works. I have really enjoyed watching him and he actually has become quite personable.. he will eat out of your hand.. but doesn't really know finger from food, so if you do it, you need to be careful. He is great fun to watch when he is up on his sun rock under his little heat light. He either has his little head up, looking all about, or is snuggled deep in his shell taking a little snooze. I need to get a pic of the new cabinet Ed made for his tank to sit on... I had thought Titus would be moved to the sunroom when it was finished, but I think I like him right in the living room and his tank and cabinet make a nice looking piece of furniture.

Nate has been able to check in with Kas and his family since his arrival in Iraq... he is doing well, but misses us all greatly. We hate to rush the summer, but November can't come quick enough... though he is one week closer to home now...... please continue in your prayers for him.

And on a sad note, my dear friend Kim (the gal who made that wonderful coffee cake for my birthday) lost her morgan mare, Lacey, to colic on Tues. Needless to say, Kim is very sad, and I would ask all of you to lift her up in your prayers for healing and strength as she goes thru this very sad ordeal.

So, that's about it on the blogging end for now...................................

Saturday, April 14, 2007

God's wink

From the book "When God winks at You" by Squire Rushnell..... You slump. Deeper into the dumps. Then- something happens. A silly little thing. Someone you just thought about for the first time in years, telephones you out of the blue-a silly little coincidence, so silly you shrug it off. Or a prayer that you really didn't expect to be answered- was! Immediately, your left brain repeats something you once heard: There is a mathematical explanation for everything. "But" you say"'s not just coincidence or chance." Maybe God is communicating with you. Yes, directly to you!You shake your head. Naw, couldn't be. But... what if God is communicating with you-in a nonverbal way-making a little miracle happen,right in front of you? After all God, doesn't speak to people in a human voice. He's God - He'd do something no one else could do, just to show you it's Him...................................
I saw an interview with this author and am planning on picking up a copy of this book, because I just love the way the author explained it. That God can and will send you all sorts of little ways to let you know that HE is there, HE is listening and HE does care.
So, while on our trip back to Maine, as Kas and I entered NH, a little piece of paper got caught on the antenna of the truck. So, what... well, it so happens that little piece of paper came just as we were talking about Nate, and what the next seven months are going to be like, and believing that everything will go well, and that prayers are going to be so important now (not that they aren't ever important)... and "bing" this little piece of paper appears! Now, we are going 70 mph, there are several other cars on the road, and this paper is with us!!!
Right away, I think about the book that I just quoted , told Kas about it... and said... "Hey, there's a God's wink!!!"
We were pretty certain that little piece of paper would fall off at the toll booth... it didn't. Then we thought, when we slow down to take the York Exit.. it didn't. Well, maybe at the corner when we hit the red light (I always get a red light)... it didn't. So, as we are heading down York Street towards home, we decide that we are anxious to see "what" the paper is, and when we get home, we will certainly read it.
The car ahead of us, is stopped and waiting to pull into a driveway. We slow down... and the little piece of paper blows off the antenna....guess we won't be able to read it...
Then, another one of God's winks appear... (step off story for a moment)... when Nate's dad, David was little he lived in York for a while... a house on York street, that in my mind today is still the "Flagg's house" (back to story).... the little piece of paper (which had been with us since the NH state line) came off the antenna.... in front of the house that David lived in when he was little...............................
mull that over for a while!!!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

purple heart

Just before Nate's unit packed up to head out, we were all honored to be guests at a purple heart ceremony. A young marine in Nate's unit was wounded on his last tour in Iraq. Since his family and several others of us, were all there to see them off... the corps thought it would be a good time to make their presentation.

I was moved to tears during the whole thing , so I can only imagine how his family must have felt. And after he received his medal, I wanted to jump up and cheer, but that's not the way of the Marines....... one thing that was very carefully noted, is "a purple heart is not something we strive for.... and we don't say congratulations when awarding one.... we simply say Thank you".... I was very touched by those words...

After the ceremony, it was packing up time... leave it to Kas to get right in there and help out!!! She certainly backs Nate and supports him in every way, shape and manner........

A "hurry home/stay safe" hug

"I'll be waiting for you......"

Monday, April 09, 2007

"two sparrows"

One of my favorite songs is "two sparrows in a hurricane".. (I forget the singer), but it is about a young couple, starting out in life and then as the song goes on, it tells about the troubles they get thru and how their lives end .... together.

I keep thinking about this song, as I watch Kas and Nate prepare for the next seven months, and I have decided that they are the two bravest people that I will ever know. The world can be hard enough on a newly married couple without having this "here again/gone again" relationship. It is very true that when they married they were well aware of this, and could have chosen to wait awhile, but both felt that it would be much better to handle this as a couple. They are amazing young people. Being here in Jacksonville and around the base, I have seen many young people like them, and I can't believe that they have made these choices.

Last night, several of their friends were here for dinner, and I know that young marines can be "rowdy" sometimes, but when I think of the mature decisions that these young people have made and the difference that they are making in the world, I wonder what I have done to add as much as they have. I hope that my support has helped, maybe not the world, but the people that are making the difference. They all deserve our support, prayers and guidance.

So, as the evening before deployment passes... please keep Nate, and his unit and all our service men and women and your daily thoughts and nightly prayers...... and say thank you to the Good Lord who has allowed you and me to live in the United States.......

Sunday, April 08, 2007

camp lejeune

While Nate was checking in at work yesterday,
Kas sort of figured that her Mom could use a "horse fix"... so we drove out by the stables on Camp Lejeune.

It was a beautiful, sunny day... a little cool for NC, but the green grass and sunshine were awesome. As you can see, horses were out enjoying the grass. This is a boarding stable for the folks that live here. Sadly, the office for the stables was closed for the holiday weekend, so we weren't able to tour the barns... but it was great seeing all the horses.

From what I can tell by the signs outside, they have all sorts of riding camps and programs for the horse people here, as well as private boarding . I wonder what its like to have a military life , travel about and bring your horse with you. I don't know if all the big bases offer such a service, but it would seem that they think about almost everything at this base. Whenever I come to visit, I see another part that I never knew was here. It truly is it's own "little" community, and to an "outsider", quite fascinating to say the least.

On another note, it has been a little strange being away from home on this Easter holiday, but Kas and Nate have invited friends over for an Easter dinner this evening, giving me a chance to play "mom" and help prepare a family holiday dinner......

Saturday, April 07, 2007

another world

I still can't quite get over the fact, that in 24 hours, you can go from a land of ice and snow... to a place full of green and color!

It's bitter sweet, because I am here to support Kas and help get her back to Maine when Nate leaves, and yet all these beautiful sights are things that I am enjoying greatly!!!

When the girls were small, we always traveled south during their April vacation!!! So, it seems a little odd to be here without "my Ed", (sorry hunny!!) but it feels so familiar .... and I see now why we always enjoyed these vacations... if not just for being together, but for leaving the still cold New England.......

And just in case, you may not remember... these things are flowers......

and these are leaves!!!!!

But the good thing is, another month or so, and we will have these in our backyards......


After the birthday celebrations of both Moms....

And a hardy ride thru the snowy woods with "Sarge"

A very serious game of "Uno"......

And a family's loving way of saying " see you in a while" (we don't believe in goodbye)
It was time to board the plane and head south once again.....
and though I really (REALLY) do not enjoy flying, it was amazing to see the sunset thru God's eye

Thursday, April 05, 2007

it's true

I followed a plow truck all the way home from dog class last night!!! It's a wet heavy snow, the roads were very slushy, and the tree limbs and wires were bending down from the weight of it.

This morning everything was covered, school for Sadie was cancelled, there are tons of power outages, and branches down all over the place.

But, I have another "problem", tomorrow I am leaving for North Carolina, where the temps are about 80... and I just can't think of how to pack lighter and cooler clothes when we have 6+ inches of snow!!!!

Kas is talking about taking me to the beach when we get there and I just can't wrap my brain around that!!! Strange... very strange. I think this will be the last of the snow, and I get the idea that is a good thing, I don't mind it, but I hear the complaining!!!

I am going to take my camera and do my blogging from NC... (Kass will let me use her computer I am sure).. so I suspect the pics will be looking a little different over the next few days....I am excited about going, a change will be fun, but, it's also when we see Nate off, it's sad as well....

In the meantime, got to move some cars around, so Ed can plow!!!!

******foot note of the afternoon..... Sadie and I went out to the barn to do chores, Teresa had locked the boys in last night, which was a smart idea with all the branches coming down..... however, along with those branches... so did the fence!!! It wasn't much to fix it up again, since its just wire, but still, we wouldn't have wanted the boys racing around the neighborhood last night. After the fence was back, Sadie and I helped shovel out the stall doors, and then turned the boys loose. I was sorry not to have had my camera, the horses had a wonderful roll in the white clean snow... it was fun to watch them.

Teresa was (is) still without power, thankfully the outside water tubs were near full.... no power, means no well pump and no water!!!! (That's one thing Ed and I will have in Acton, a generator...) lugging water for 6 thirsty horses would be alot of work....... but the tubs are nice in that they don't have to be filled too often..... it's been a fairly warm afternoon, so the snow is melting well.... spring will appear again very soon, I am certain.......

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

how do they do it??

I look outside and it's snowing!!! April 4th!! Somehow, I am not that surprised because the ol almanac says (and I quote from April 1-7th) Spring's dress rehearsal, then reversal. The snow must go on!!"

According to the noontime news, we are in for 3+ inches on the coast, and more inland!! Amazing, and how do they do that.

There is a column in the book that sort of explains their doings, its too lengthy to write, but they claim an 80% rate of accurate!! I don't think the weathermen on the TV have as good a track record as that... especially a year in advance!! Aside from the weather, there are all sorts of interesting articles and facts, I certainly do enjoy thumbing thru them and make it a point each year to pick up a copy.

Well, at least Nate will have some snow to enjoy before he heads out, he hasn't seen much snow over the past couple of years!!! Kas says she can do without it.... I think she would prefer to be a southern gal... guess she was born in the wrong part of the states.

AND.... exciting news around here.... Sadie has been accepted to Becker College!!! she applied for their two year animal science course and has made it in...... pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

birthday suprises

As previously reported, my birthday is on the 30th.. AND ... Deb's birthday is today!! (April 1st), for the past few years we have had the great fun of doing a "mommie's birthday party" with both the families being all together!!!

This year we were lucky enough to have all the kids here with us... Nate is home on leave, with Kas, Sadie and Josh were here, so was Lauren, Johnny and Sean.... the kids tried to catch us with those "trick candles" and the holder that the cake is on.... rotates and sings "happy birthday"... it was pretty funny!!!

Now, one thing that I had asked for was a turtle. I don't know why (all of a sudden) I have had an interest in these creatures. So, when I opened my gifts.... I got a turtle... as you can see. NOT exactly what I thought, but it certainly was a turtle!!!

Then on Sunday, we went to Plaistow, NH where I was able to pick out a real turtle!!!

May I introduce to you...."TITUS"... a red ear slider. He isn't exactly what I had in mind, I was thinking of a small green turtle, like we used to get when we were kids.... you know, the ones that lived in the plastic dish with the fake palm tree in the middle and they were about the size of a .50 cent piece, they also seem to die within a few months, and now that I see the care that turtles should have, I understand why!!!! But these days, shops can not sell turtles under three inches (guess you can get them over the internet... but.. who knows) so, I had to go with one much larger than I thought. Titus is about 4 inches and approximately three years old... with good care, he could live to be 15 to 20 years old!!!!

He's already a little too big for the turtle tank that I got for my birthday, but I am just going to have him hang in there a bit until the sunroom is done.

Then I plan on looking around for a bigger tank that will fit in with the decor of the sunroom.

I've only had him a few hours, he's pretty cool... I have had great fun watching him and getting his pics.....he has been eating the "turtle food" I bought, but I guess he's suppose to have a few goldfish a week. Don't know how I feel about that!!but he is a reptile and that's what they do.... so, we'll see.... Ed said I could drop a couple of fish in his tank just before I go out to teach dog classes, and that way I won't have to watch.... not a bad idea.

Let's see, that makes....... 5 cocker spaniels, 2 horses, 1 cat and a turtle in my pet department..... huh!!!!