Friday, June 27, 2014

visiting the city...

Another check in day at neads!!! But this time, we brought more than just puppies... Abbie has been wanting to "go to neads" with me for a long time, and turns out... the time has come. She was so excited to have a day with us and see the big city... but even more so, she said she wanted to help with Danny too.  When we arrived, Danny noticed one of the stuffed dogs right away, and at first, he didn't quite know what to make of it. Abbie stepped right up, went over to it, and said to Danny "it's not real".......
That was all it took, Danny checked that stuffed dog out, and quickly realized, "it's a toy"... and began to chew on it....
Abbie grabbed a second stuffed dog, and brought that over for Danny to see. She proudly smiled at me and said " see Baby, I showed Danny that there was nothing to worry about"..... (good job Abbie!!!)
Then, getting Danny NOT to play with them was another story!!!!
After our check in meeting, we headed into the city. I kept asking Abbie what she thought, and she kept asking "where's the big city"... I'm not sure what she was expecting to see... but I think she was a little disappointed that this was "all" of it....
We went into the big hospital, had lunch together.. and Abbie was getting bored. "this is all you do here Baby??"  But when lunch was over and we headed to the glass elevators, Abbie was (finally) impressed. She certainly is not her grandmother's granddaughter when it comes to the elevators.... she loved them!!!!!
As I stand back in the corner of the thing... Abbie (along with Sasha) was right at the edge. She loved looking out on the people below and kept saying, "this is really neat..." 
Danny, could have cared on either side... he didn't run to the edge to "watch".. but he also didn't hide in the corner with me... he's a steady, middle of the road fellow, and doesn't get too excited about much of anything. 
We then hiked over to the train station. Again, Abbie thought all of this was pretty  neat, and we got to see a couple of freight trains come threw. 
Abbie would have loved to jump on the train and go for a ride (something we'll have to plan for the future) and she certainly had fun chatting with Dave and watching the trains. 
I'm not sure if she has seen one this close before... and I was happy to have her "corralled" by the railings of the stairs.  Just what I would need, for her to jump on and ride into the next town.  Now she was thinking the big city was pretty neat. 

Danny-- well he decided just to hang out and wait until it was time to head for home.  

So, another successful happy day of training in the big city, and it was so much fun to have Abbie get to be a part of it.