Sunday, August 15, 2010

unofficially official...

Well.... to say that we have been busy around here the past couple of weeks.. an understatement!!!!! So much has been going on, that I find it hard to blog, because I have so much to tell and can't quite figure the "order" that it should go in. I guess I will just go in the order of "most exciting"... one of those being.....

the "piles" are GONE!!!! and we now have a lovely dirt yard!! One day (perhaps soon) this will become a lawn... of which Ed thinks we need a bigger lawn tractor, and I simply think we need sheep. But either way, those big piles that have hidden us for the past (almost two years) are now moved around and smoothed out, and ready for seed.

And the next.... well, as of a week ago today, we have MOVED IN!!!! Last weekend, Kas and Nate came up and we opened the storage trailer and got to see our things once again. I was oddly struck with great emotion at the sight of our things.. not just because I had been missing them.. but when I think of the events that have happened since I saw them last... I was moved to tears. We packed this trailer in August of 08... I never dreamed then that we would be Grandparents... or have our dear Moxie no longer with us, to name a few... and for a few moments, it was all almost too much.

But once we got to work, and began to dig threw the pile, the excitement came back and I was anxious to see where things would end up. One of the first, was my "little cocker" put up on the front porch to stand guard over the front the door.

Now, please don't misunderstand this move in thing, for if you have the impression that this house is done... I fear you are not right. In fact, as the girls and I were unpacking boxes marked as "kitchen".. Ed and Nate were installing the counter top around the kitchen sink. We still have trim work to do, and I still have painting yet to finish.. the downstairs bathroom and mudroom need work and various other places.. but we felt the house was livable and I guess it was just time to make our move.

Another emotional "hit" for me. Chaos, piles and boxes!!! I am a bit of a "muck" about this sort of thing, and to be walking around boxes, looking to put things in their space (where ever that might be).. kind of got to me. We still have a number of boxes to go through, but made enough headway to consider it "live able". It will be weeks before I get everything tucked in place, I figure a few boxes a day will make the difference.

Kas and Nate spent the night, and along with Sadie and Abbie.. we celebrated the "first night" in the house as a big family sleepover. The next morning, Ed made a great breakfast for all of us before we tackled the boxes once again. Blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs... donuts and juice, it was a great feast.

Abbie approved of her Grandfather's cooking!!!! By the end of the day, the trailer was completely unloaded, with boxes being left in the garage, in the middle of rooms and in the cellar. But an empty storage trailer none the less. Kas and Nate headed back home, and I (very tired) looked around at the "mess" and said to Ed... "let's sleep at camp tonite". So we packed up and headed to the lake!!!! We both crashed!!!!

So, dear reader... there you have it. We have much to do, but for all intent and purpose we are unofficially officially in!!!