Wednesday, November 25, 2009

say hello to Chester

A long time ago.. when I was just a kid.. I remember seeing a movie, made by Disney I think, called "Atta Girl, Kelly".. it was the story of a German Shepherd dog who became a seeing eye dog, and the "adventures that she had with her owner. Then a few years later, I read a book called "Follow My Leader".. again another story about a Shepherd seeing eye dog. In both stories, they told about the "puppy raisers" who were 4H kids, and I thought "wouldn't it be fun to join a 4H and be a puppy raiser". Well, I actually did do 4H for a time, but never became a puppy raiser... until... yesterday!!!!!

I had applied with NEADS back in the spring, I thought it would be a fun "project" after having lost Moxie, and it has been on my "to do list" for quite some time... well, I got a call yesterday morning that a puppy was available for me, and could I meet up with "Cindy" to get my puppy.

I brought Camille with me, since she, in all honesty, will play a big part in this puppy's training. (I would like to tell you that she is excitedly waiting for them to arrive in this picture, but actually she was watching a few crows peck around the parking lot while we waited....)

but we didn't wait long before the van pulled in... (if you get the chance, check out their website, it's really interesting...)

And out came Cindy and this beautiful little boy... Chester!!! an 11 week old golden retriever. He was donated by a local breeder, passed all his "temperament tests" and was now ready to get into a home and begin his puppy manners training

He, of course, is as cute as a button, and has all the charm that a golden should have. Our ride home was uneventful, and he walked into the house like he had been here all the time. "Everyone" was quite curious about him, but that only lasted a few minutes and then they all went off in their own directions. We gave him the evening to settle in and just get used to the idea of us, and he went to bed in his little crate, and didn't make a peep all night.

I am very excited about this new adventure in my life. There is a whole group in the Maine Chapter that I am looking forward to meeting and working with, and not to rush any amount of time, but I can't help but wonder at "what" kind of service dog he might become and what sorts of things I will be doing with him to help him in his career. But in the meantime, I will simply enjoy this wonderful little chap.

If anyone is interested in keeping a detailed reading on him.. you will find that under the blog.. "Moxie's gift"... undoubtedly, you will see him now and again on the farm blog.. but I am saving the details for the other...

So.. Hello Little Chester and welcome home.. (for now!!!)