Sunday, February 26, 2012

one horse open sleigh

Yesterday, we awoke to this... a very lite snow had fallen threw the night. Not too far, everyone else got rain.. but for us, snow.

In a way, it was a "pain in the neck" snow, not enough to plow, but enough to make the road slick and the stairs and walkways the same. For some, it was probably a real bother... but for me....

EXCITING!!! Ed had finished the shafts for our little sleigh, and from that moment on, we simply have not had enough snow to try them out. We actually toyed with the idea of trying them on grass, but really... snow is the best.

We got them on the little sleigh, and everything fit perfectly. Ed was pretty pleased, he hasn't ever made anything like this before, and though we measured and planned, you just don't know until you get them on.

Next... the horse. I chose Duke because he is a "been there, done that" horse, and we figured somewhere in his background he has probably pulled a sleigh. It's different with a sleigh mainly because of the sound they make sliding behind a horse, it's not like a cart at all. I did some ground work with him, because it's been ages since he was hitched last......

And then we backed him between the shafts, and off we went. By the way he acted (which was excellent) he has definitely done sleighs before, and really it wasn't any big deal.. I drove first (pardon the lead rope laying on the ground.. it came un-done during photos, believe me, we are aware of it!!!!!)

and then Ed hopped in. We had a great time together. (one thing though, if this sleigh were meant for four-- they were certainly a lot smaller than we are!!!) Two could fit, cozy......

We went around the field several times, much to the entertainment of our neighbors, and passerbys... and it was simply.. great fun. (Duke looks huge hitched to this sleigh - probably wasn't really made for a draft)

One thing for sure, there will be more sleigh rides, and we'll have to do some work with Tonka so he can go as well.

Snow - in the winter time - well it's perfectly fine by me!!!!!