Friday, August 12, 2011

a morning on the farm (and other things)

Many of my mornings begin like this... a nice dog walk. I have found some friends (Jeanine and Lee) who, like us, have a few dogs of their own and enjoy getting out there and walking. We meet a few times a week, and between the three of us, we can have any where from 6 to 10 dogs walking with us (they do foster care as well). The dogs love to go, of course, and over the summer have become pretty good friends themselves. The first part of the walk is along the street...

but the favorite part is in the woods. There are great places with amazing walking paths thru the woods and the dogs can't wait for that part of the walk.

Isn't this a good way to start your day????

And once in a while (though not nearly as often as I would like) I have a day on the farm where I don't have to "be" any where else. I was hoping that I would have lots of days like this, but so far, that hasn't happened yet.... so these days are treasured to be sure. After the doggie walk, we headed up to the barn for morning chores....

Abbie loves to help out in the barn.. her job.. find an egg that will become your breakfast. She is not one bit afraid of the chickens and she walks right into their stall and looks around for her egg. (don't you love the outfit of the day!!!)

Course, it's never a straight walk back to the house.. This particular morning, there were little frogs in the puddles made by last night's rain. Abbie was fascinated by them and the more she looked,the more she found.

Those, along with the grass hoppers in the lawn... took us "forever" to get back inside for breakfast... but you know, these are the gifts in life and breakfast (as long as you don't drop your egg) will always be there.

Getting a closer look.......

Camille is coming along well from her back injury.. it has been a long trek, as we were told it would be at the start. She will have some permanent damage, but unless you "know" her, it's hard to tell. We still go to see Dr. Deb once a month, that along with keeping her weight down, and keeping her strong with walking and swimming... will keep us on a good path. And despite her sometime pitiful looks, she really loves to go and see Dr. Deb.. and gets so excited when we pull into her farm.

"Mom --- do I really have to have all those pins put in me?"

"so it doesn't hurt??? well are you the one that's being a pin cushion right now???"

And this particular day ended on a banner note... because it was steak night and I didn't have to work.... and not only was it "just" steak night...

it was Chris's birthday as well.....

Happy birthday!!!!!!

to coin a phase... "life is good!!"