Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cocker butts....

Now that the weather is beginning to be on our side, I am getting dog walking back into my daily schedule. It really isn't any big deal... it's just a matter of putting leashes on and going!!! Trevor and Tazzy really, really enjoy these walks... the others like going for sure, but those two!!! it just makes their day!!!

I usually take just the five... poor ol Cole is just too stiff and old to make the hike that we take, and Tatter is usually off with Sadie, so I have it down to the five. We finally have sorted it out with the leashes and such and who walks better with whom.... and each day I take a different route, just because it's fun for the dogs and we get to see different things with each route.

After our walk, I ran out to take care of the horses and then headed to Acton.

This is what greeted me today.... the tack room is now enclosed!!! We are insulating it as it will be a heated room, our water supply will come into this room and for the small size of it... it will be just as easy to keep it warm. It will also be a good refuse on a cold winter day, and it will be nice to keep "horse stuff" warm.

I feel so blessed, because in the 11 years that I have really "been in the horse world" I have "lived" at three different barns. Each one has had their own way of doing things, and I have liked and disliked ideas in them all.

So when it came time to plan this barn out, I took the best of all the places that I have been, and combined them!!!! I am sure there will be things that I will discover as it goes along, it's hard to think of "everything" .. but for the most part, I have a feeling this barn is going to run pretty smoothly. (I have already thought that this tack room might be a tad on the small side!!!! but I hardly dare tell that to Ed!!!!) it will be fine and I know it will work out !!!

Surprisingly, the mud is drying up quickly... IF we can keep the rain away for a bit longer, we might even get back to driving the trucks in and not bringing home so many muddy paws!!!!! but, it's spring in Maine, so who can count on anything.....

PS... I am working on dates for another trip south... don't tell Ed!!!!!!