Saturday, February 02, 2019

Ground hog...

It's official!!! Despite the absolute, frigid cold weather we've had .."Phil" did not see his shadow this morning, so he remains outside, and spring will come early...

Yeah....we'll see

Bye bye january

End of January, and everyone seems a bit house bound, were in a cold snap, and though the sun is shining, stepping outside takes your breath away in seconds. Poor Henry is bored, but Mona has no patience with him!!!
Mabel does this almost every morning waiting for breakfast. I'm going to miss this...but more on that later.
Barn chores await. It requires a full suiting up, but I want to be sure everyone is good and has everything they need. The horses do surprisingly well in the cold, as long as they have plenty to eat ( which they do) and drink ( thank goodness for heated buckets)..and same with the chickens and other birds.  And piggie too. Annabelle moved into the garage months she's been pretty warm all winter.

I was happy to see the cardinal at the feeder. He hasn't been around much this winter. Probably finding food all threw the neighborhood, I think we all feed the birds. But his beautiful color certainly added to my day.                                                                                                           

Oh those wonderful sunny spots.... almost feels like spring Livy and Mona???

so... what the scoop with Mabel?  Well, first off this is her bff, Rosie, who has been with us the past six weeks while her family was on an extended vacation. These two gals have been having such a wonderful time together, but today Rosie heads home to her family who has been missing her. Because of the bitter cold, playtime had to be in the mudroom, but I don't think they minded... they came up with their own games.

And maybe it's just as well that Rosie is going home,  because next week, Mabel is going back to NEADS and begin her advanced training. Like I say with all my puppies, where has the time gone... we get them with the knowledge we have a year ahead of us... and here we are again, the year has gone by. 

Mabel will be successful for sure, so the next time we meet will be a graduation, I know.. and there's talk that a new baby will be sent home with us, though I don't have those details just yet. 

so, the end of this month brings in so many changes already....but I guess truly, change is certainly one thing that you can count on. Now, onto the "little" month of February, and then... we'll be looking for spring!!!  Wonder what that groundhog will have to say in a few days!!!!