Thursday, November 18, 2010

catching up

If the calendar didn't tell you "what the time of year was".. the signs are all around. First off, we are back on standard time, so come 4:00 it's beginning to get dark. The seasonal restaurants have closed, and yesterday I noticed on one of the neighboring farms...(actually the farm that our hay comes from).. they have put up their snow fence. We haven't ever used a snow fence on our farm, but we haven't lived here during the winter either, so needing one or not, remains to be seen.

For the most part, the trees have all dropped their leaves. We can see our neighbors again!!!and with it being so dark early, it's nice to look out and see lights around. The weather has been pretty mild for November, I have a feeling that one day we'll wake up and --- "bing" we'll be into winter.

Last Saturday night, we met with the kids (Kas, Nate, Sadie and Tom) and had a nice meal out. Abbie was so funny.. sitting at the table with the rest of us.. checking out the menu to see "what's good"....

"what are you having Auntie Kass??"

well... the time has come to say good bye to our blue truck. It's been a very good truck, but it was beginning to show signs of age, and Ed felt it would be best to send it on it's way. One thing you need for sure, living here.. is a good dependable truck, and not that this one wasn't.. but before it came to that, Ed thought it best to trade it.

Here's the new one. It's a 2010...and was a "demo" so it's had some (very light) use. The price was too good to pass up... so.. we didn't. I can't believe all the modern things that come as "standard" now a days... it will take Ed "days" to learn it.

While Ed was doing the paperwork, Abbie and Cammie "played" in the show room. We love this dealership.. they have to be the most friendly people going. I guess that is why we buy all our trucks there, and do all our service work with them. Kids and pets are always welcomed!!! In fact , I understand I have a few blog readers (Hi Lisa!!!) It was fun to go in and hear... "do you have another service puppy yet??"

So, Abbie and Cam got the privilege of the "first new truck ride"... there is a ton of room, and when we take it to Williamsburg in a couple of weeks.. it will give us a comfy ride.

This has been my project of the past couple of days. Each month, I like to print off the stories of the blog and tuck them away in a note book. I am hoping one day - Abbie - or any of our future grandchildren might enjoy reading the stories and seeing the life their grandparents had. Well, between moving and various other "need to be done" things, the blog hasn't been printed in a number of months. So, I have been trying to get this caught up and put away properly. I don't know how long blogger keeps the blog posted, but I will have them just in case. I did however, have to to "buy" more storage for the pictures that blogger keeps for me. Believe it or not.. I have used up all my "free" storage space. Oh well... it wasn't much to buy more storage and so nice to know that my photos are being kept safe... modern technology!!!

Hello - Red....

Say hello to "Red" (aka Rusty).. a little dog who is staying with us for a short time, while looking for his new home. He is actually a rescue dog that is under the care of Cocker Rescue of New England.

It's been a while since I have done foster work, so I was more than happy to be able to help out with this little guy. I have been a volunteer for CSRNE for many years... since around 1989.. and I'm not always available to help, but I do when I can.

The nice thing about being here on the farm, is we seem to have plenty of room for all. I only wish my time frame were the same, caused I would take more. But one at time is more than enough!!!

We have had "Red" with us for a few weeks, but he's such a busy body, that it was hard to get some good pictures to share. He's young, and full of energy -- we are working on his house and obedience manners, and he's doing much better. At first he seemed quite shy of men, and bit
"forward" with the cats. He would be a runner if let loose, and I am pretty certain he's house trained, (but I keep him tethered when I am too busy to watch).

Rick has volunteered to work with Red in obedience classes, and I can see him improving every week. His confidence with men has grown, and his dog social skills are really coming along. He is crate trained, and loves to cuddle...

so.. any readers out there knowing someone looking for a nice little dog... you know who to send them to......