Sunday, October 19, 2008

behind the Belgians...

This past weekend was Harvestfest in our old home town... so, nothing doing, we had to go and spend some time there. We went down yesterday for a few hours to enjoy some of the food and see the crafts. So many beautiful items and workmanship, but a bit on the pricey side. We got to see many of our friends, and chat with them, all curious about the progress of the new house and if we are happy "up on the farm".. (which of course we are!!!).

Then after we did that, we went with Kas and Nate to see the puppies (yesterday's blog)

And today, I just had to go back down again, because our good friends, Becky and Butch were there giving rides with their team of Belgians... Bill and Ben. So, the day was spent visiting with them and enjoying the "backside of the Belgians. The world looks so different from the height of a wagon and the sound of those feet on the pavement... just an amazing time!!!!

These are gentle giants and at roughly 1600 lbs apiece... it's a good thing that they are. Butch is a true horseman and his team trusts him. It is such fun to watch the relationship that they have, which is why they can be so calm in the midst of the crowds, cars and who knows what else comes down the road. But what amazes me is how people are around horses, they really don't have a clue sometimes, and will run out in front of them, or stand and watch them walk up to them, or just not even think before they do something, I guess people aren't used to being around horses and maybe think of them as a dog!!!

One really neat thing about knowing Becky and Butch, is we get "front seat rides"... (and as many as we want)... we can also get rides for friends... (right Betty???) and if "they" are very good, there can even be a ride for a dog... (hey Kato)... Sadie and Matt enjoyed their ride thru the town....

Here Becky gives the "boys" some hugs and pats, just letting them know they are doing a good job!!!!

The day was cold and quite windy... but the sun was bright, and it was a grand time...

now, I need to get Tonka back to work!!!!!