Friday, January 29, 2010

service dog???

"This" is my service puppy's way of telling me that he has had ENOUGH!!! He is so "subtle" with his "clues" , that it's hard for me to tell!!! Silly boy... actually, he only pulled his "meltdown" after we had been at the mall most of the afternoon.

It's been a bitter cold day. Ed was away at a "firefighters training" and I have caught up with most of the the jobs that I can do at the house. So, it was either just sit around at home, or go and do something constructive. I vote for constructive.

Kas had the afternoon off from work, so I told her I would meet her at the mall and we could sit and have some coffee together. I then took the time, and brought Chester along to do some "public" work with him. There's "lots" for him to do at the mall, sliding doors, slippery floors, all kinds of "things" with wheels.. walking in and out of the stores, and then sitting quietly while Kas and I visited.

We are also beginning to work him on the "gentle leader".. which is the equipment of choice via NEADS. This is a nice piece of training equipment, but it usually takes the dog some time to get the feel of it and be comfortable with it. Chester is doing OK.. basically I need to have him wear it more. He wasn't very excited when I put it on him before we went into the mall, but then the "things" around him kept him pretty distracted and he did OK. He's a funny boy, though, and when he is done... he is DONE.. course he is only five months old.. so, that is to be expected.

After the mall, I did run into the grocery store with him. I needed just a couple of items for supper and it was a quick trip, he walked along.. but I could tell that he was ready just to get in the truck and head for home. We didn't hear a peep out of him the whole ride back!!!

And, when it was time to hop out of the truck, he still had that very sleepy look about him. When we got inside, he took a long drink, checked out the cats to see what they had been up to, and went to bed!!! He had a nice snooze before his supper, and afterwards, right back to sleep. Long day for a little puppy dog!!!

The full moon tonite is amazing, I saw on the "news" that it's called "the wolf moon", as the wolves are likely to sing under it on a cold winter night. I guess too, from what I read, that the moon is close in it's orbit to the earth and being a "full" moon it will look bigger and brighter.

It certainly lit the farm up tonite when we were bedding the horses down. And if the wolves aren't howling, the wind is!!! As I previous stated, it's been a bitter cold day, the winds have been "huge" and I feel like they are shaking the house tonite. The fact that we still have power is quite amazing.. but I wouldn't be one bit surprised if it went out sometime in the night. So, on that note, I will close this blog and get it saved.. just in case..

and the snoring sound in the background... yup.. that's "my" service dog!!!!