Thursday, December 30, 2010

another "day before"

wow.. a week ago, it was the "day before the day before".. I remember feeling a little stressed and anxious about the "need to be done's" and now this week, it's all behind us - and I sort of wonder what I was so worried about. It turned out to be a great Christmas spent with family and friends.. and really, isn't that what it's all about???

I've put a few days in at the post this week. I worked on Monday because of the snow and then I worked today and again tomorrow, just so my boss could have a little time to enjoy the holidays. I would have thought that Monday might be really quiet, but surprise surprise... being Mainers, people were still out to get their mail!!!!

It is MUCH quieter than it was last week, enough that I have felt comfortable bringing Ginger to work with me in the afternoons. The mornings are too busy getting the mail sorted and "delivered" to be able to watch a puppy, but the afternoons are just busy enough that I can do both. It has been great bringing her to work... there's a lot that goes on... mostly "noises" .. that are really good for her to handle. Like, hearing the door open and close many times, or the sound that the little mailbox doors make when people go into get the mail. Or the rumble of the big mail carts.... etc. etc.

She has been very good at work, and is getting used to "down time". I'll be taking her to church within the next week or so.. she's ready to learn to lay quietly. I know the folks at church will be happy to see a dog again... they have missed Chester.

The "Wednesday" night dog classes have been running right along. I wasn't so sure that "we" could fill a class during the holiday season.. but Paula managed to fill two of them. Attendance has been very good... this is a dedicated group of folks for sure.

Ginger loves puppy class.. especially -puppy play time. She has a great time with everyone!!!

We'll be making another trip to NEADS in January... so I want to stay up to date on the training for sure.....