Thursday, May 13, 2010

buttons and yarn

It was another fun and interesting day with Linda- I am going to be so sad when she heads for home!!! I could get used to days like this!!!

Our morning started out with the Women's Fellowship group from church. It was our monthly meeting, but the guest speaker was a lady who collects antique buttons. She brought a small part of her collection with her, and it was so interesting. She has buttons from all over the world and from all periods of time.

From what she told us, button collecting is quite popular and there are gills and clubs all around the world. Some buttons are worth a lot of money, and some are extremely rare. She told us that if we have "grandma's old button jar or box" don't disregard it... there could be treasure's inside!!!!

The "thing" about collecting buttons is you can pick different categories.... anything from "what the button is made of" to what type of "dress" they button came from (military apparel, work apparel, fancy dress apparel...the list goes on and on). One thing for sure, there seems to be something for everyone when it comes to interesting items or hobbies... anyone who goes thru life "with nothing to do or nothing of interest" well... they're certainly not living life!!!!

After our morning of buttons... it was an afternoon of yarn. There is a cute little yarn/spinning shop not too far away. I have been meaning to get over there all winter, but it wasn't until today that we finally did. The shop is in a little old school house, and it;s as charming as it can be!!!!!

The lambs outside of the shop were a welcoming crowd. And so cute.... too bad they don't stay little like that!!!

Inside the shop is a wonderful collection of spinning wheels... both old and new.

The shop offers spinning classes as well. So there are wheels for students to learn on. (really need to look into classes!!!)

Linda and I had a grand time looking thru the beautiful yarns. (and yes, we each bought a little!!!) They also carry needles, and other knitting supplies, which is good for me to know the next time I am in a pinch and need something for a project.

so, if you are local... check out the Spinner's Warren (they have a website)...

Not too sure what's on the "list" for tomorrow... but I already know, it will be very fun... yup-- that's it... Linda can't go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry kids & Wayne!!!! :0)