Sunday, September 30, 2007

bye bye September.....

Here is it, another month down..... and so we bid a farewell to September!!! It's been a memorable month.... and a nice introduction to the fall season. I am excited to think that Nate is about six weeks away, and I secretly hope that October will hurry pass like September did!!!

I have received so many emails with concerns about Ed... he is doing well, thank you all very much. We have made some big changes around here already, the trick is... KEEPING the changes!! But, this heart business is too serious to "fool around with" and I intend on keeping to the good stuff!!!! I miss him when I do barn chores (he's suppose to keep it " light" for a few weeks) we were having great fun driving Tonka together, and I want him back as soon as possible!!! Ed's suppose to take a few short walks each day, I have put Cole in charge of that!!! Cole can't go as far as the rest of the crew, but he's starting to put some weight on... so, I asked Ed when he takes his walks to please take Cole along with him. They went out this afternoon and Ed said he had to take a little rest, (which put me into panic mode!!!) but the rest wasn't for him... it was for Cole!!!!!

We got to visit yesterday with Becky and Butch!!!! They are bringing the Belgians down for Harvestfest weekend (October 13/14) and on Sunday, they will be doing rides at York Beach... if any of you "readers" are in the area that day, go take a ride... Becky said the rides will be free!!!! Anyways, they came down to see where they will be staying and what the route will be, and afterwards, popped over to see what we were up to.

I just like them more and more!!! I love Becky's stories about their horses and such, and I like to pick Butch's brain about horse training. I have asked him (when we get to the farm),if her would consider doing a beginner's driving clinic.... he just gives me a shy smile and a shrug, but I know he could do an amazing clinic...course that will be a couple of years before we could really do it, so I have some time to work on him!!!!!

Tomorrow is October and Kassy's birthday... tonite we are doing a little family celebration, which I will tell you all about later!!!! So, as the Flagg's are walking thru the door, I must fly........