Saturday, May 12, 2007

M&M's (mom & mom's?)

I like chocolate!!! and if I had my choice of candies, I would pick "m&m's" anytime of the day!!! I usually keep a bowl full handy and find that a number of others like them, too.... when the bowl is empty.

I think the reason why I like them so much, is their small size. I also like the way they melt, and one of my favorite things to do, is to put a couple in my mouth, and then sip coffee.... I know, a little strange, but it sure is yummy.

Now, Kas and Nate know the things I just told you, so for Mother's day... this wonderful box arrived in the mail!!!!! they are personalized M&M's!!! and they say... "we love you... Kas & Nate" and "thanks, Mom" (tried to get a picture to show you, but the camera can't pick up the small print!!!)

Not only are they my favorite little candies, but they came in four small bags, so I can share as many (or as little) as I wish!!!! and I can read the little note just before I pop one in my mouth!!! They sent a box to Deb too... so now, M&M's = Mom & Mom!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to one and all..... enjoy

It's HERE!!!!!

So, after a winter of waiting.... the harness has arrived!! and today Ed, Tonka and I went to get it. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was.... maybe the fact that I was up at 5:30 am... would give you some idea!!!

Tonka loaded like a gentleman, and we were on the road by 8:30. As I suspected, the harness came in a big box (remember, its from the Amish) and when they first showed it to me... it looked like a lot of leather straps!!! But, it didn't take Chuck too long to sort it all out and have it assembled to try on Tonka. They had us unload him right in their parking area, and began to fit it, making all sorts of little adjustments here and there. I tried to watch it all, but really was too busy making sure that Tonka was being a good boy... which he was!!!!

It's pretty obvious that he has been driven, because he was not at all "bothered" by the harness, or any of the "fussing" that was going on around him. Once, everything was in place, they had me walk him around a bit, and he was as calm as could be. They have Belgians, and right away, their "girls" (five of them I think) came to the fence to watch the whole thing. I think Tonka was pretty taken by all those girls watching him, he certainly wanted to stand and walk well..... show off!!!!

could he be any cuter!!!!!

After he had some time to get the feel of the harness and the "Meader's folks" were happy with the fit and such, we put the driving bridle and long reins on. I got a chance to practice some ground driving with him. I have to say, its much easier with the entire harness that it is with the surcingle. I find the reins are out of the way and it just seems "safer" in some sort of way. NOT, that it improved my handling... though, I am getting better each time I practice, but I was happy to have a "spotter" on the end of the lead line. (especially when a motor cycle came roaring down the road, he isn't too fond of them)

It looks like I will be spending a good part of my summer, just where I am in this picture... at the back of the horse (that is when I am not ON the back of the horse!!) We have a long way still to go, but I can almost picture that buggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!