Thursday, July 02, 2009

aahhh... rain again :-)

I'm sure that people are as tired of hearing about rain, as we are living with it. As I try to think of something to put in this morning's blog... the rain pounds on the roof, and a couple rumbles of thunder are thrown in just for fun. I find it hard to get moving in the morning, and then feel like we are wasting time with work at the farm or on the house. Last night, I actually cancelled dog classes due to the weather!!!! I have been running a Rally class outside, because (usually) the summer evenings are perfect for that sort of thing.... but it was just too rainy, drizzly, wet, foggy (you get the message) to try and do anything. I think that must be a first!!! Normally, we would just move the class back inside, but with Rally, you need too much space...and the size of the class is another consideration. Oh well, this CAN'T last forever!!! and I for one, will certainly appreciate the sunshine when it does decide to show up!!!!

The fun thing about having to cancel last night, is that Sadie and I got to join the group at steak night!!!! It was great to see everyone, and since I don't get to go too often, it was a real treat!!! (hey D&D). On our way home, Sadie and I stopped to do barn chores, well, I did the barn chores, Sadie went in to "play" with "her" turkeys. At one point I looked into the stall and saw her sitting on the floor with about seven turkey chicks climbing all over her!!! (yes I got pics... but you'll have to wait to see them). Right now they are very cute and fun, but they are getting big quick and that "baby" charm will begin to fade. Already we are seeing who the "tough guys" are, and there is a difference in their growth. We are calling the toughest guy "Thanksgiving"....

I have a riding lesson a little later today, I will need to go to the barn early, just to give myself enough time to take off the first layer of mud on my horse!!! It seems almost useless to groom them, because the moment you have them cleaned up, out they go and with the mud, they can't help but get covered again... so I've given up. We haven't opened up the pasture yet, because I am worried that it will just be ruined. It's so wet and soft that if we let them out now, they will just dig it up, and that would pretty much be the end of the grass... so, they boys will just have to wait. I do feel so blessed that the hay is holding out well, and it is a lesson well learned.. buy more than you need, if you can. WHEN they get to hay this year, I will certainly put up as much as possible. It's been nice to be able to help out a friend with her horse's hay supply.

Speaking of horses, Deb was playing around on the Internet, looking to find some information with regards to her mini mare, Alice (who is Mocha's foal) and came across a website of a farm where both Mocha and Alice lived. NOT only did they live there, but it was where Alice was born... and to top it off... there is even a video of Alice being born!!!!! (it was hard to watch poor Mocha go thru her labor!!!) Both Deb and I have written to the owner to let her know the mares are well, and well cared for and loved... but what are the chances that you can find the birth of your horse on the Internet!!! pretty amazing I think!!!! If anyone is interested in seeing the video, the web address is.. and then go under foaling video. Deb has been doing well working Alice with her driving lessons since the clinic.. I fear I have not done so well with Mocha. I keep "waiting" for the time when things calm down abit around here and I can have some time to play with my animals!!!!!

and on that note, time to get off to the barn, so I can play with Tonka for abit... keep dry if you live in New England!!!!!