Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a day in history

Whether you voted for him or not, is of no concern to me personally.But I couldn't let this day pass without marking it here on my blog. I often write this blog with the idea that, one day, maybe one of my grandchildren or even great grandchildren might wonder "what it was like in the day"... and so, along with everyday stuff, I try to mark the "non-everyday" stuff as well. I have watched the TV off and on all morning, President Obama's speech was quite good, but I am simply amazed at the crowd that was there. Personally I wouldn't have gone, just because that kind of crowd would send me "over the edge"...but, it was so interesting to see and hear the interviews that "regular" folks gave. And so today, the United States of America, for all its wonder and for all it's faults, welcomes a new President, our 44th... and we have seen history made.