Saturday, November 21, 2009

change of plans

I have to wonder if the Good Lord has had a lesson in mind for me this week, because (as it seems to me) nothing that I had "planned" went accordingly. Now, this doesn't mean it's been a "bad" week by any stretch, just not what I had thought.

Thursday morning, I woke up planning on being on the road all day, two private dog students, errands to run and the like. Well, as it turned out one of my students had to re-schedule, and when I called the second to see if I might change the time, they needed to re-schedule as well. Suddenly the whole day was open for me.

Knowing that rain (heavy rain) was due in on Friday, I decided to make a "shavings" run, make sure that we had enough (covered) wood for the furnace, and just "do" things that are easier done without rain.
Having accomplished that, I thought that maybe it would be good to get Duke back into harness, I haven't played with him in a very long time. I called Sadie (just so someone knows that I have a horse out).. and she packed up Abbie and came down to the barn.

And Betty showed up too (having taken a vacation day) so we had "lots" of company. I was glad they were around, Duke was "feeling" good that day, and gave me a little trouble in the beginning. I wasn't about to let his "bad" behavior go unchecked, and I worked him up and down the road.. then let him stand a bit on the cross ties and took him out again. By the time we were done, he had the message that "fooling around" isn't worth his time or effort.

We drove around the barn several times, practiced backing in towards the hay wagon, worked around the parked cars (and barking dogs in the cars!!) and even just simply standing in front of the barn... without going inside. (a bad habit of his... racing into the barn!!!)

As I was finishing up with him (after about four hours of work), I had to confess that my back felt a bit "tweeky" .. just from harnessing, walking and getting pulled about. So, I told myself, I would go easy for a couple of days.

Friday, the rain came as predicted.. Ed didn't have to go to work, so we decided to get some sheet rocking done. My back still felt a little funny, but we didn't rush and I was very careful in picking up the sheetrock pieces. Another change of plans, being able to sheet rock.. which was a good thing, and we got some big pieces in place. We are very close to being done with THAT project!!!

This morning, it was housework, then bell practice at church.. and going this evening to the Festival of Trees!!! I was excited about bell practice.. if you remember last year, we just began the bell choir, and then came the ice storm and without power for over a week, the choir had to cancel. So.. this year, we are really looking forward to doing the bells at Christmas.

The Festival of Trees is an event that only happens every other's a time where all sorts of business and clubs decorate Christmas trees in all sorts of "themes" .. there are nearly 80 trees on display. Our dog club always does a tree, so I try to go when it happens and see them all.

Well... after I had been to the barn this morning, got the dogs pretty much settled, I grabbed up a big pile of laundry... and OUT WENT THE BACK!!!! I have done this sort of thing in the past, but it's been YEARS since I had done it this badly.... all I could do was go back to bed.

Ice, rest and pain pills did their work.. I managed to roll out enough to attend bell practice, (which is important because one missed practice it not good) but the Festival of Trees was out for me... I do feel better (enough to blog) but it's going to be a quiet evening and my family has been so great about taking up the slack...

Hopefully, if I am a "good girl" I'll only be out of commission for just a day or two.. it's all I can "afford" there is so much going on and I don't want to miss out on any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!