Friday, August 27, 2010

truck show and anniversary

One thing about all this unpacking business is finding all the "goodies".Things I knew I had, but didn't have a clue as to where they might be, even in the old house. Going thru the boxes is sort of like Christmas, though I am still looking for certain things... but I guess that just makes me want to continue to unpack, to find the things that are still "missing".

One thing I came across was this little bonnet and another one much like it. I made this bonnet for Sadie, and did one for Kassy as well. I actually made several of them, because at the time, a number of my friends were having babies as well. The bonnet fits Abbie perfectly, so it makes me think I should do one just for her, though wearing her Mom's is special too. It's in good shape, and it got a lot of use, so I guess it can hold up!!!

Now, the Sunday after the Firemen's Muster is always the Barrington Truck show. Ed likes to go to see the trucks, and I enjoy it too, because there is a great quilt shop, general store and gifts shops close by. We also get to visit with friends, and it's always a nice time. This year, it happened to fall on our 29th wedding anniversary, so it was a fun thing to do for that.

Here is another one of my hubby's babies!!! A 1919 Garford. This truck was originally owned by a local lumber company, and we actually knew the son of the owner, and he could tell us all sorts of stories of this wonderful old truck. He could remember the truck actually working, delivering and fetching lumber orders. He also commented on how much "faster" it was than the horses when it was new!!!! Maybe it was faster (no horse to tend to after a long day of work).. but it certainly isn't any more comfortable - I think our own horse drawn wagon is more comfortable than this!!!!

Either way, when Ed tried to get "her" running to take to the truck show, she was being very co-operative. So, having other things to do, he gave up and just decided to tinker with her later and maybe get her to the truck show next year. But our good friends, Chris and Coz surprised us by loading her on their trailer and bringing her to the show.

Brother Bill and his good friend, Al, tinkered with her at the show, and found it to be "something simple". So, with a little TLC, they got her running. She had a lot of admirers at the show - many folks "know" this truck and people were happy to see it out and about. Sadly the day was cut a bit short but rainy weather, but we still had a good time.

After the show, Ed and I had a nice dinner together, and all in all our anniversary was a quiet one. Just being together was the most important thing anyways.

It's a busy week ahead, three days to cover at the post office and then the fair!!! another week will zip by I am sure.