Thursday, November 06, 2008

done for the day

You know, it just wouldn't be "building" without some bad weather and blue tarps!!!! The men had to call it a short day, when "showers" turned into actual rain!!!! Because of the sheet rock ceilings we have "downstairs"... they thought it best to cover the area with the "ever famous" blue tarps. I don't think Ed and I have ever done a building project without them at some point and time!!!! sort of makes me feel that we are on the right track!!!

The good thing about being able to "live at camp" thru the winter, is we aren't paying rent!!! so, when we have a few days of "set backs" with regards to the weather, we aren't panicked thinking.. "we need to be out by such and such date".... everyone asks when I think we might move in... I am hoping for May. We will be finishing the inside work ourselves (which we both enjoy doing) so, alot will depend on how quickly Ed and I can do that side of the project. I already know it will be stressful some days, but overall I am looking forward to doing the work. (you all have permission to remind me I said that when I begin to "complain" about all the painting that will have to be done!!!!)

So, the wind whistles once again across the field... makes me very glad that this house will be "tight" and "easy to heat"... because when it's cold here....

it's COLD!!!!!

puppies (again!!!)

It seems as though I am getting a "reputation" for being a "puppy mid wife".. and even though dogs have been (and still do) having puppies all on their own for "thousands of years", when it's your dog, and your litter, people always want to try and do their very best. Sadie and Matt have two friends, Emily and Ed... who's Rottie had a "close encounter" with the neighbor's Labrador. Certainly not the ideal of situations, but none the less.... little puppies needing to enter the world.

Sadie asked if I would be willing to come and lend a hand when the time was right, and of course I said yes... not just because Sadie asked, but for the well being of this new Mommy to be and her litter. Last night was THE night, and of course, I was already home from dog classes and tucked into bed when her call came in!!!! Back down to the south I went.

Emily was actually very interested in learning how to whelp out the pups, Sadie has had some experience with it too, and she wanted a more hands on opportunity... so basically, I sat on the side lines and coached them thru it. Kiesha (the mother dog) was a great dog to work with... she got right into her "work" and was awesome when we got the puppies all cleaned up and ready to nurse. Her labor was easy for a first time Mom, and made the whole experience for the kids a very good one.

It was a fairly quick night (as far as some deliveries go) and within a few hours, there were four new babies, two boys and two girls. I am happy that it wasn't a huge litter, that is tremendous amount of work for anyone, let alone a young couple with all ready too many responsibilities.. so, a small litter will just make things that much easier.

When I left for home, it was a happy sight to see all is well with this new family. Best wishes to them all... and I will be there to guide them thru any puppy questions that might arise over the next eight weeks....