Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the copula

One of the things that I really wanted with our new barn, was a copula on the top. Not only is it a "new england barn" look but they do aid in the ventilation of the hayloft, and if there is a lot of "green" hay going in... ventilation is one thing that you need.

Course, I wanted a copula, but I wasn't about to go up there and put it on!!! so, fortunately, Ken isn't too afraid of heights and said that he could manage it for us. Steve was also a great help, but even he didn't go out on the roof, he worked from up inside the copula!!!! Here, the guys are finishing up the roof and getting the ridge cap in place... it's hard to see just how high they are in this picture, but note that they are above the tree tops!!!!

Ed worked off the "lift" and handed the guys any of the tools or what ever they needed (he is also the one that got these shots!!!)

Nice one here... looking over the whole field.....

Here's Ken.... "we" do have him tethered... (won't catch me standing up like that!!!!)

And the copula... all in place!!! We are going to put a weathervane on the top.. but, it's being custom made, so it will be a little time before we have it. Guess we'll hire a "cherry picker" to do that job. One thing for sure, it's doubtful anyone will be able to steal that nice copper top!!!!!!

Sure looks pretty in the setting sun.......