Sunday, January 01, 2012

saying goodbye

Happy New Years... and I hope that my "title of the post" isn't too sad, but in a way, the new year does say goodbye to lots of things -- other than the old year. Saying goodbye isn't always bad, like when you loose some weight - you don't mind saying goodbye to those extra pounds.. or paying off a bill... things like that, but saying goodbye certainly can be sad.

Ginger certainly wasn't sad today!!! Kathleen is going to visit family, so she dropped Leo off with us.. to take care of and to return to NEADS on Tuesday. The "puppies" certainly had a grand time together....I let them right out into the dog yard and they got to racing, tugging with the toys and digging in the mud. They were a complete mess, but I'll deal with that tomorrow....

To say I'm going to miss this dog is an under statement. We have become very close and I truly love her.

The last night here with us, I took tons of pictures, especially with Abbie, because I doubt that Abbie will actually remember Ginger. We talk to her about Chester, and show her the pictures and will do the same with Ginger. I wonder what she will think as she gets older about this puppy thing that her grandmother does!!!

As sad as I do feel, I know I will continue to this puppy raising "thing" for a long time. My goal is to raise at least 10 dogs... and any interim - which do come along occasionally, like Edgar. So, we'll see.

Big hugs and kisses.................

"don't worry Ginger... it's going to be great, and you're going to be great".....

So, Tuesday's the day.... hold on dear reader, the next blog may be a bumpy one!!!!!