Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

Happy May Day!!! April is behind us, with it's tricks of snow and ice, and Nate is one month closer to home!!! The quote from the Farmer's Almanac for May is "Glum, chum, but don't get all gloomy. It's warming, storming and thunder boomy! Perfect days for biking or hiking; just watch out for lightning striking! Lilac's in bloom shed sweet perfume."

Had an amazing lesson with Tonka today. He worked so well I know I have said it before, but I fall in love with him more and more. We are really beginning to gel as a team. As I was heading home (with Tonka on board) I came across a little black cocker (of all breeds!!!) running down the middle of the road!! Fortunately, this isn't a road with a lot of traffic, but unfortunately, when there is traffic.... they speed!!! Pulling Tonka, I tend to take it a slower pace, so when this little dog ran in front of the truck, I was able to stop pretty easily. I pulled the truck and trailer up the road a little to a safe spot, and jumped out of the truck. The car behind me stopped as well, and between the two of us, we were able to catch her. She actually turned out to be an English cocker spaniel, obviously well cared for (good weight, coat clean and recently clipped) nice, friendly little dog. Once I had her in the truck, I called the dog officer, but no one at that point had reported her missing, so she had a ride out to the barn with Moxie, Tonka and I.

When I got home, I found the dog officer waiting in the driveway... he had located her owner, and she didn't live too far from where I had picked her up.... turns out too.... that she had been a student of mine when she was a puppy!!!! Hopefully, her folks will keep a closer eye on her, or figure out how she got out... I am just glad that she didn't get "squished" in the road!!!!!

Moxie and I have a dog show coming up this weekend. We are entered in Rally and hopefully will finish up her Rally Advance title. Maryjane, her breeder, is planning on coming to the show and watch. She did that last year, and we had such a good time being together. Moxie still remembers her and just goes crazy when she gets to see her again!!! It's a nice little show at the Acton Fairgrounds, I am sure I will have lots to report on it next week.

I finally got a chance to catch Titus sunning on his rock!!! Usually, by the time I get my camera, and have it ready to shoot, he is back in the water again. He is much happier in his big tank, I put a "log" in there and a rock that I picked up on the beach in North Carolina.... he is a great one for pushing them around and re-arranging his tank. I am getting used to the idea that he likes to have a live fish once in a while as a treat. I don't give them to him too often, maybe once every couple of weeks. We usually get 3 to 4 of them, so they are gone pretty quick.

They had some sliders for sale last week at Pet-Co... I thought Titus was big, but those guys were huge!!! Makes me wonder just how big Titus will get!!! The turtles at Pet-Co were beautiful... not that Titus isn't-- but I think it's funny that I now think of turtles as "beautiful creatures"!!! AND, it seems like I see them every where!! There are a couple of ponds that I pass on a daily basis, and I see turtles sunning themselves all the time. I am sure they have always been there, and I just hadn't noticed them until I got my boy!!!

It's beginning to look and feel spring like....... bring it on.....................