Saturday, October 09, 2010

a fun afternoon

For all my horse friends out there, I thought that you could appreciate this bumper sticker!!! I'm not one that would spend an afternoon in the local mall... but take me to a tack shop!!! Any ways, my dear friend Betty gave me a call this week and asked if I would like to go with her and watch her driving lesson with Quinn... I couldn't wait to go.

If you remember Betty, she is my good friend that helped me get Mocha into driving mode. Last spring she found a beautiful little Welch Cob, and decided that he might be the perfect boy for her. He's quite young (just three years old) and had only just begun his training, but he's bright, sensible and willing, Betty is far more interested in driving than in riding, and she has found a wonderful instructor to help her with her dream.

Her trainer is Robyn Cuffey, who owns a nice tactility called Photo Finish Farm. Robyn is a well known trainer in our area (and has written a few books!!) so Betty and Quinn are in good hands. This is Robyn's indoor building.. which here in Maine with the heavy wet snows we get... this is a perfect building!!!

Betty got Quinn tacked and ready for his lesson.....

Robyn warmed him up in the cart and worked a bit on his steering....

And then Betty joined her in the cart to have a lesson in driving and to help out working Quinn. Her smile was about as big as they come.. there's nothing like driving behind your own horse!!!!

The building is large and well lit... the footing is grated tires!!! It's really quite wonderful

An hour sure passes quickly, and here Robyn goes over some exercises that Betty can do with Quinn on her own. He was a good boy and did a nice job with his lesson.

And the day ends with some bites of apple and a chance to doze in the warm October sun. I know that Betty and Quinn will have many happy afternoons together.............

congratulations my friend!!!!