Monday, November 10, 2014

another busy weekend....

The days are flying by... and this weekend finds us at the NEADS fall graduation. Linda's dog Marv is one of the graduates, so we have a star in our midst. Marv has been matched as a service dog, and it was a long time coming, but another success story for our chapter. 
It has become a tradition of sorts to "tail gate" at the graduation. And it would seem we are making a "name  for ourselves" in doing this!!! We have a few select people that we invite to join us, and you should see the smile we get from other folks at the graduation when they see us setting up. 
Linda K. is the one that pulls this together and each time she has out done herself. Since it's "her" dog that is graduating we had an amazing celebration feast. Lobster rolls, mini quiches... desserts... it was fabolus!!!
She even made shortbread cookies that looked like Marv... it was almost a shame to eat them... but they were GOOD!!!!!
Linda S., Linda K. and Kathleen.. Rick, Bernice and I were also there. And we invited Dave and Gerry to join us. The day was fairly warm and it was a great way to begin the graduation.

After our wonderful tail gate party, we headed inside. Linda K. went to the "meet and greet" to see her boy once again, and meet in person, his new life partner. I opted out, since the gathering is so busy and I just wanted to allow Linda as much time with "her" Marv and family as possible. Then it was onto graduation and here is the Fall 2014 class.

It's always a wonderful program, with guest speakers and videos of the dogs. Plus this year, they had an excellent video of the puppies in training. I especially enjoyed the "hearing dog"part, as that is what "my" Debbie dog is being trained as.  

And here he is... our boy!!!!
Danny was rather bored with the whole thing. I kept telling him to pay attention.. that one day, it will be his turn to wear a "red" vest and all this will be for him... but for now, he'd rather take a snooze. This is Dan in his truest form, he really doesn't get too excited about anything as far as "work" goes.. he's going to be a nice steady, easy going partner for someone...

As always, there is a good crowd of people that attend. And then, I was told, somewhere in this crowd.. Debbie was there with her weekend family. I was so excited, that I could hardly breath and I tried to find her among this huge crowd....

Her weekend folks knew I was there, and they were looking for me as well.. and then.. I saw... this beautiful face.. and there she was. I hate to admit that I have favorites, but Debbie has, was and always will be mine favorite puppy of all. I could hardly say her name... but her eyes said it all....
I remember you!!!!! Because she is not a "working" dog just yet, I let it go and we had a huge hug right there, in the middle of everyone. She couldn't get close enough, and I couldn't hug her harder. We were beyond thrilled to be together once again. 
She was silly and fun, and very much "un-like a service dog".. and I should have been better behaved myself... but I didn't care!!!!

I selfishly have hoped that she would "fail out", because there would have never been any question that I would have adopted her. But she has not failed out (I really didn't think she would).. and not only has she been trained as a hearing dog, but there is talk that a match is not far from coming and she will certainly be wearing that "red" vest next spring. 

I am happy for her, I am happy that she will serve her real purpose in life... but I was happy to get this one last "real" hug in. The next time we meet, she will not be mine, she will be a working dog and I will have to be much better behaved.  However, this one last moment, caught here int his photo will always be just mine... just mine and Debbie's... and this is what puppy raising is all about!!!!

It was truly a wonderful day.... one I will always remember and I head home with my darling Danny, and know that our time together will be short as well......