Tuesday, September 20, 2011

outings and Edgar

The "trouble" with "fall" is that there are just too many great things to do. With apple season and the leaves changing, there are all kinds of festivals and fairs, and events... so, sadly, you have to pick and choose what you can attend.

But, before we get into all of that, I would like you to say hello to Edgar. This is another NEADS puppy that has come to the farm for a short time. He is Otis's brother, so if he looks kind of familiar - that is why. Edgar needed a little break from training, and Dave asked if he might come with us and have that time... so here he is....

Now, back to "events"... there was an awesome model plane show at the local airport. Actually, it was a model jet show, and let me tell you, some of those plane were impressive!!! And these aren't just little model planes, people actually had special trailers just to haul their planes in.

As you know, not only are these outings great fun, but the perfect opportunities for service puppies. We brought Ginger along, and met up with Kelli and Rick who had Otis. I can't believe these two little puppies are getting so big, so quick... won't be long before Ginger will begin her countdown days before turn in.

I should say that Abbie was with us as well. She loves to be on the go and thought the planes were pretty cool. She is also, btw, a great puppy trainer herself.....

Kelli wanted to do a little work with the stroller, so she asked Abbie if she and Otis would like to go for a little walk... both were happy to oblige.

The planes were pretty noisy I must admit, and the day was warm. Ginger decided hanging out under the stroller worked well for her.

And here's one of the jets...........

A couple days later, we were invited to a volunteer luncheon, sort of an awards banquet for this group of ladies who do volunteer work. Kathleen was asked to be the speaker and talk about the service dogs and puppy raising, so she asked Rick and I to join her and show off our dogs.

Leo waited quietly while Kathleen spoke

and afterwards, the ladies had questions and enjoyed petting the dogs. Otis seems to have the "this is old hat" look about him.

Edgar on the other hand had a complete "I'm bored" and Ginger, well she took full advantage and got a snooze in.

The next Saturday, it was off again. Ed and Rick had gone a charity motorcycle ride, so when I got out of work, I met up with Kelli and service puppies (and Abbie ) in tow, we went to see the bikes and met up with the guys.

Sadly, by the time we got there, many of the bikes had headed for home. But there were still plenty to see. It was a beautiful day and Ed said the ride was fun and took them all over the country side.

Abbie enjoyed an ice cream and was certain to get as much off her fingers as possible....

before sharing the last little bit with Ginger. Already the beautiful fall days are flying by way too fast.... does life ever slow down???